Are you going to Vinisud? Come to our wine tasting!

Vinisud is the second biggest wine show in France (after Vinexpo), and in many ways the most interesting. At the next edition of Vinisud, in February, BKWine, Britt, has been asked to lead a wine tasting with organic wines. If you are going to Vinisud you are of course welcome to the wine tasting!

vinisud 2014

Vinisud is a very interesting wine fair. It has almost two thousand exhibitors, mainly wine producers from the countries around the Mediterranean; southern, delicious wines. There is more emphasis on the small, independent wine producers (instead of the big houses) compared to the biggest international wine shows. France is of course the biggest participants, with the largest number of exhibitors, but there will be wine producers from virtually all countries around the Mediterranean. (Perhaps I need to add that in this context Portugal is considered to be a Mediterranean country!) It is a trade fair targeting primarily buyers and importers.

Southern Europe is also a leading region for organic wine production so it is a good idea to come here if you are looking for organic (or similar) wines.

Wine tasting at Vinisud

Wine tasting at Vinisud, copyright BKWine Photography

The organisers of Vinisud have asked us at BKWine to lead a tasting of organic wines at the Vinisud wine show. The tasting is primarily aimed at Scandinavian visitors who want to get a quick overview of what is on offer in terms of organic wines.

Britt will make a short introduction to organics and the latest developments and trends. After that there will be an open tasting of numerous organic wines (and biodynamic). The presentation will be in Swedish (it is primarily aimed at the Scandinavian visitors) but you are of course welcome to attend no matter where you come from. Wine speaks all languages. The most important part is the tasting. We do not know yet which wines will be presented but expect there to be between 20 and 50 different wines, many from France of course but most other countries will be represented too.

  • The tasting will take place on Wednesday February 26, between 9.30 and 11.  (Check the location at the fair.)
  • Update: Additional date by popular acclaim: In English tasting of organic wines with BKWine: Monday February 24, 17.30 to 19.00, the conference rooms

More information on the Vinisud wine fair on February 24-26, 2014, in Montpellier (France).

If you are interested in organic wines (and biodynamic and “natural”) then you might also be interested our book: Wine and the Environment. (English edition expected in the autumn of 2014.)

At Vinisud we have also been asked to participate in a panel discussion on wine tourism. At that occasion it will be Per who participates.

As far as we know we are actually the only Swedes who will be talking at the show.

We hope that it will be an occasion to meet you there!

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4 Responses to Are you going to Vinisud? Come to our wine tasting!

  1. lacroix-vanel January 24, 2014 at 16:25 #

    I have this mail by Adhesion group (vinisud)to submit my wine to you for an organic tasting.So I do.
    jean pierre

  2. domaine de sauzet January 30, 2014 at 16:34 #



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