South African rooibos plant used instead of sulphur

Rooibos is a South African plant that we have so far only been in contact with in the form of tea. Rooibos has a strong antioxidant capacity, preservative, like sulphur. Wine producers now realise that maybe this quality can be used for winemaking.

The big producer KWV has recently launched a wine called Earth’s Essence Pinotage with no added sulphur at all. Instead the rooibos plant is used. Branches of rooibos are dried in the sun and then ground into a powder which is placed in a sort of tea bag in the wine. Approximately 5 grams per litre of wine needed. The wine gets a special spiciness, says Jörn Ek from Arvid Nordquist, a Swedish importer. If rooibos will be a success as a sulphur replacement remains to be seen. We have unfortunately not yet tasted the wine. It retails for around 12 euros. More info on

Also read about when our reporter tasted Earth’s Essens here.

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Wild South African bleesbuck

Wild South African bleesbuck, copyright BKWine Photography

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  1. Earth's Essence KWV | Mikael's Wine of the Month | BKWine Magazine | - July 12, 2015

    […] or completely exclude the use of sulphur in the wine. Here is some information about the this, South African rooibos plant used instead of sulphur.  Simply being able to write “no sulphites or preservatives added” at the bottom of […]

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