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Yeast fermenting the must

Wine without sulphites if you choose the right yeast

Some people see red when they hear someone say “added yeast”. But that does not prevent most wine producers from choosing cultivated (selected) yeast over wild yeast. There are over 200 varieties of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on the French market. Every year, new yeast strains are launched. And every year the Institut Français de la Vigne […]

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A barrel that has been treated with sulphur

Tea instead of sulphur to protect the wine

A few years ago, we wrote in the Brief about the South African wine producer KWV who had made a wine called Earth’s Essence without added sulphur. Instead, they had used the rooibos plant, known for its antioxidant properties. Continued research in South Africa has now shown that the South African tea plant honeybush also […]

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Cleaning barrels with sulphur and a candle

“Organic” sulphur to be launched next year

Sulphur is something that is naturally present in our environment and it is a product that is allowed for all wine producers – organic as well as conventional – both to combat fungal diseases in the vineyard and as an antioxidant in the finished wine. However, there is a certain demand from organic producers for […]

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Selected yeasts "XR grand rouge"

Protect the must with yeast instead of sulphur

Natural wines are fashionable at the moment and there is a lot of talk about the difficulty of making wine without adding sulphur. But what if it’s not that hard? Since a few years’ back there is something called bio protection. It means that by adding special yeasts for the fermentation the wine makers can […]

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Wine barrels and sulphuring device

Sulphur in the wine – more or less

How much sulphur to put in the wine is much discussed today. You can do without it, say some natural wine enthusiasts. Absolutely impossible to do without, say others. Most people use sulphur to some extent, to protect the wine from oxidation and against impure flavours. But sulphur is also found in wine naturally. It […]

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Replacing sulphur

Is it possible to replace the antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties of sulphur with a preservative made from grape seeds? Yes, that is the idea of Intergrapes in Italy after seven years of study. They claim that the preservative is as effective as sulphur and that the wine better retains its natural flavours. Moreover, says Intergrapes, […]

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Sulphur pellet to clean barrels

The burning issue again: sulphur

In our March Brief we wrote that the habit of burning sulphur inside oak barrels to disinfect them is in danger of being banned. Because sulphur tablets are classified as biocides you need an authorization to be allowed to sell them. And this authorization is expensive. Now things look a bit brighter, according to La […]

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Cleaning barrels with sulphur and a candle

Will a centuries old tradition in winemaking disappear?

The use of sulphur to be banned? To disinfect oak barrels by burning sulphur inside is a century old tradition.  Now the procedure could become illegal. According to the EU rules sulphur tablets is classified as biocides, which means that they must have obtained an authorization to be allowed on the market. And to get […]

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