Reader statistics for web sites (and magazines) and five million articles

For printed publications there are in many countries at least a quasi-official reader statistics for magazines and papers (or on circulation or print run numbers). In Sweden this is called “TS Controlled” edition, in other countries something else. This is primarily interesting for advertiser to evaluate the reach of advertising. But it is also interesting for the editor and publisher as a bragging measure.

BKWine Magazine on SIS-Index

BKWine Magazine on SIS-Index

For web sites is currently no similar system that in a relatively neutral way measures traffic, i.e. reader numbers. I have seen some attempts to do something similar but they have so far not come very far. In Sweden there is for example something called SIS Index (based on Google Analytics). You can read more about that in the first article referenced below.

There are many different ways to measure readers or visits on internet web sites. BKWine Magazine just reached five million articles read, according to (one of) our measures. That made me think a bit about statistics, what it means and how to interpret it.

In the two articles referenced below you can read about, for example:

  • Some advice to owners of web sites or blogs, e.g. on how you should collect stats
  • Some advice to advertisers on web sites, e.g. on what statistics you can trust
  • Some advice to you as a reader and site visitor
  • A project on “official” or at least neutral web statistics

In the second article you can read more on the five million articles that people have read on BKWine Magazine.

Can you trust web statistics?

Visitors chart on Google Analytics

Visitors chart on Google Analytics

We recently passed the five million page views mark, but can you really trust web statistics? How do you interpret the numbers on visitor statistics? It is difficult, both because of what the numbers actually mean varies and because there is no “official” statistics.

Read Per’s explanations here: Are the statistics true and accurate? And comparable?

The 5 millionth article read on BKWine

5,024,483 page views on BKWine.comRecently someone read the five millionth article on BKWine Magazine. If you want to be technically correct we reached 5 million page views since we started counting and collecting statistics. In reality it is probably more. Once upon a time we started what probably was Sweden’s very first wine web site and today we are probably the most visited independent web site in Sweden (and widely read all over the world too!).

Per explains more about BKWine’s history and evolution and why the “probably” is important: Five million articles read on BKWine… On web statistics

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