Book Award #1: Our book “France, The Country of Wine” wins the OIV Award for Wine and Territories

We are very proud and happy: Our book “France, The Country of Wine” has won the prestigious OIV Award in the category “Wine and Territories’!

OIV logoOIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine, or L’Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) is a sort of UN for wine for all the countries that make wine. It is primarily an organization for cooperation between the wine-producing countries. It also regularly publishes very interesting statistics on wine production worldwide.

Every year the OIV also organizes a prestigious competition for the Wine Books. Perhaps due to OIV’s technical role in the wine world the completion often places much emphasis on the technical contents and the factual contents of the books the give awards.

OIV Award to Vinlandet Frankrike

OIV Award to Vinlandet Frankrike

Therefore we feel very honoured that our book about France and French wines won this award or prize in this international competition in the category “Wine and Territories” (or vin et territoires). The jury had to select and judge from books from 17 countries when they met in Mainz under the direction of Claudia Quini, OIV’s president.

The award ceremony will take place in OIVs offices in Paris on October19. If you happen to be in Paris then you are probably most welcome to attend.

It is the first time a Swedish book has won the OIV award!

Read more about the Awards on OIV’s site.

Read more about the book “France, The Country of Wine”. Unfortunately it is so far only available in Swedish, but perhaps you know some foreign publisher who might be interested?

Vinlandet Frankrike Omslag - big

Vinlandet Frankrike Omslag

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  1. Mike December 20, 2015 at 23:45 #

    Hola Carla,en principio no. Puede ir a greanl en barco o en flexitank que es mucho me1s seguro aunque me1s caro. En principio si se ponen los conservantes adecuados no tiene por que9 pasar nadaSaludos

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