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Cow horn and herbs used in biodynamic wine making

Alsace is leader in Europe on biodynamics (and organic?)

Alsace is the number one biodynamic wine region in Europe. 880 hectares are certified biodynamic. This means that an impressive 5.6% of all Alsace vineyards are biodynamic, a record in Europe. Around 70 growers are certified either with the international certification association Demeter or the French association Biodyvin. All of these producers are also organically […]

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Melanie Pfister, Domaine Pfister, Alsace

Alsace Pinot Gris is finally dry

Alsace wines are becoming drier and drier. At least that was the impression we had on our recent Alsace tour. And that is very positive. In addition, it is easier to know if the wines are dry or not because producers are now more and more putting “vin sec” on the label if the wine […]

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Congratulations on the 40th anniversary to Crémant d’Alsace

This year the appellation Crémant d’Alsace celebrates its 40 years. Created officially 1976. Congratulations! This sparkling wine has had great success in recent years. Sales have increased from 1 million bottles sold in 1979 to today’s 35 million. Crémant d’Alsace is today the second sparkling wine in France after Champagne. The second best-selling crémant is […]

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Gewurztraminer grapes in the vineyard

Favourites and trends in Alsace

Something new happening in Alsace? Yes, is my answer to that question after my visit to the annual wine fair in Stockholm arranged by Vins d’Alsace in cooperation with Sopexa. 28 exhibitors / producers, both old and new for Sweden, left many impressions which I would summarize in: Very varied wine styles Broadening of the […]

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Alsace – both sunshine and excellent wines

Alsace is almost unique among French wine regions in that it systematically prominently promotes the grape variety of the wine on the label, long before it became fashionable to do so. It is also, although it is in the north east, one of the driest and sunniest of the French wine regions. They make wines […]

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Alsace – a mixture of French and German?

Fifty kilometres and the Rhine River separate Alsace from Germany. Just like in Germany the white wines dominate here, and just as in Germany it is riesling that is the iconic grape. Perhaps this is where the similarities end since Alsatian wines have their very own special character which is neither French nor German, but […]

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Grand cru vineyards in Alsace

Alsace – dry or sweet?

We have probably all experienced a bottle of wine from Alsace that did not go well with the food we served. The reason being, for the most part, that the wine was sweeter than we had expected. This is a problem that producers in Alsace have long been aware of. Some argue that a little […]

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Protest party in Alsace

10 or 12 producers in Alsace recently formed a group called Groupe Transverse Alsace 2015. The group believes that the wine industry in Alsace needs to be reformed. The members are well known producers such as Jean-Michel Deiss, Paul Blanck, Jean-Pierre Frick, Marc Tempe, Jean-Claude Rieflé and others. Alsace is an old-fashioned wine region, they […]

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Ibis bird

Alsace, why don’t we see more of it in France?

They make wonderful wines in Alsace and the landscape is wonderfully beautiful. It has long been a popular wine region in Sweden (at least as long as I lived there) and in other countries but not so much in France. It is a little seen wine region in France. Rarely on wine lists in restaurants. […]

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Vineyards in Alsace

Geographical indications for AOC Alsace

INAO (Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité), the authority that controls all the French appellations, has recently approved two additional geographical add-ons for AOC Alsace. The two lucky ones are AOC Alsace Bergheim and AOC Alsace Coteaux du Haut Koenigsbourg. Previously 11 geographical areas have been given this higher status: Blienschwiller, Côtes de […]

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A glass of sweet Alsace wine

Sweet things from Alsace

You probably had at least one sweet wine during the Christmas festivities. Here are some more suggestions for sweet wines even if the end-of-the-year party is over. Maybe with a cheese, the Christmas pudding or the walnuts. The foie gras on New Year’s Eve is best enjoyed with a sweet or slightly sweet wine. In […]

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Grand cru vineyards in Alsace

Sweet wines from Alsace

On sweet and semi-sweet wines from Alsace During Christmas and New Year there are often many opportunities to drink a sweet or semi-sweet wine. They go, for instance, extraordinarily well with foie gras and blue cheeses like the English Stilton or the French Roquefort. A Sauternes with a foie gras de canard (duck liver) is […]

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Vandals destroy a GM vine test plantation in Alsace

A group of around 60 vandals broke during the night of august 15 into an experimental plantation created by the French agricultural research institute (INRA) in Alsace. The tore up and destroyed 70 vines that had been planted to see if genetically modified vines (GMO vines) could survive the dreaded disease grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV, […]

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Domaine Pfister, Alsace – BKWine Pick

Mélanie Pfister started to work with her father at the family domaine in Dahlenheim in northern Alsace in 2006. She is an oenologist with diplomas from the wine universities in Bordeaux and Dijon. She has worked both in Germany and in New Zealand. “In the New World they tend to consider the winemaker the most […]

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Alsace Grand Cru quick facts

– 51 ’lieu dits’ (place names) are included in the Grand Cru denomination, covering 1,750 hectares – 914 ha of GC is in production (compared to a total of 11,459 ha for Alsace and 3,162 ha for crémant) – Grand Cru represents 4% of the production (45,000 hl of GC) – Four grape varieties are […]

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