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It is sometimes said that the young people of today do not drink wine. It may be true or not, but whatever the case it is very different from one country to another. A recent market report shows surprisingly positive numbers from New York and London. An overwhelming majority of the young people in these two cities say they drink wine, at least once in a while.

A striking difference between the two countries, however, is that New Yorkers know more about wine and are better informed than the Londoners. Or to be more correct, say that they know more and consider themselves informed consumers. Not necessarily the same thing as being.

Read more on what and how young people in New York and London drink wine in Britt’s article on Forbes: Do New Yorkers Really Know More About Wine Than Londoners?

Young people drinking wine in a wine bar

Young people drinking wine in a wine bar, copyright BKWine Photography

Here’s the introduction:

Which wines will we be drinking 20 years from now? How will the wine business look in the future? Perhaps the future of wine can be seen in the drinking habits of today’s young people. Lately there have been many studies on the subject.

Do young people between 21 and 35 drink wine at all? How often do they drink? What do they drink? How do they choose their wines? Admittedly we have learned recently that polls are not as reliable as we used to think. At least when it comes to politics. Maybe it’s different for wine though. If that is the case then the future for the wine world looks quite positive. At least if we look at a survey of the wine habits of young people living in New York and London, made this November by SOWINE/SSI for the French wine show Vinisud (that takes place in Montpellier end of January 2017).

The United States and Great Britain are the world’s two largest importers of wine measured in value. They come in second and third place after Germany in terms of volume.

So, are the young people in the big cities of New York and London drinking wine?

Read Britt’s full article on BKWine on Forbes.

Wine tasting in Portugal

Wine tasting in Portugal, copyright BKWine Photography

Getting ready for lunch and wine tasting

Getting ready for lunch and wine tasting, copyright BKWine Photography

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