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Barrel ageing cellar, Domaine Parent, Pommard

Wine Trends 2018: surprises, alcohol, ethics

At this time of year, it is popular to try to figure out new trends for the coming year. It’s hard, but on the other hand, you can almost say anything because who can say you’re wrong? Jean-Philippe Perrouty from Wine Intelligence recently spoke to a group of wine producers in the Loire Valley. He […]

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Swartland landscape in South Africa

A researcher studies wine and food tourism

We were contacted a little while back by a PhD student at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. She is working on a research project concerning “foodies” and other people who travel for pleasure for food and wine. For example, what is important when one is travelling, what kind of destinations you prefer etc. She […]

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What do consumers think about organic wine?

A major market research conducted on behalf of Sudvinbio, a French producer association for organic wines, shows how consumers in four countries – France, Germany, the UK and Sweden – perceive organic wines. A large proportion of the respondents in the different countries drink organic wine from time to time. If they are hesitant to […]

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An old farm house, where Linnaeus was born

What do the French drink at home?

FranceAgriMer, a body linked to the French Ministry of Agriculture, has recently published statistics on how much still wine the French households buy and drink at home (sparkling wine not included). The French buy a little less wine every year. Last year each household bought in average 41, 44 litres of wine which is a […]

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Wine shop in Bordeaux

Men shop for wine – with some difficulty

In France, women buy the food and men the wine. Of course, with some generalization, but in La Vigne, we read of a survey conducted by the company SymphonyIRI showing that 55% of wine buyers in supermarkets are men. But the men do not buy food as often as they buy wine. Only 25% of […]

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