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BKWine on Instagram

BKWine on instagram

We are now on instagram: BKWine on Instagram. We share photos and videos from some of our trips on our Instagram page. It is still a bit of an experiment, so if you have any comments or remarks, it is, of course, welcome. Many people say that it is more important to be seen on […]

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Facebook 1000 likes

1000 Likes on Facebook for BKWine Magazine

It is nice to know that what one does is appreciated . Perhaps we can take it as a sign that at least some wine lovers out there like what we do. We recently passed 1000 “Likes” on Facebook! Thank you to all you readers out there! If you don’t already “Like” us on Facebook […]

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Circle of Wine Writers logo

Welcome to the CWW, Magnus Reuterdahl

One of BKWine’s reporters and writers joins the Circle of Wine Writers Magnus Reuterdahl, one of our contributors, has just been admitted to the Circle of Wine Writers. We say a big welcome Magnus! Magnus is a frequent writer and reporter here on BKWine Magazine as well as on his own blog Magnus Reuterdahls vinblogg […]

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Swedish Wine Blogs

Some free help from us to wine marketing people This is our attempt to make an (as much as possible) comprehensive list of Swedish wine blogs. On BKWine Magazine (this site) you can find this list in the menu Resources > Swedish Wine Blogs. Why on earth would you be interested in a list of […]

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Will you also come to Turkey to taste wine in November?

The European Wine Bloggers Conference (apparently has changed name to The Digital Wine Communications Conference but is still EWBC for short) will take place in Izmir in Turkey in November. It is a fun event that brings together a wide variety of people who are closely or vaguely involved in communication around wine online, for […]

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The monk Dom Ruinart writing

One of 900 million? Like us on Facebook!

Are you one of the 900 million people on Facebook? Then it would be nice if you “liked” our new Facebook pages. We actually have four of them: – where we write ”editorial” things, for example on articles and other things on BKWine Magazine, our editorial site. – This is about our wine […]

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Like us on Facebook!

Facebook can be a fun and easy way to keep in contact with old (and new!) friends and to get informed about what’s going on. We at BKWine have recently changed fundamentally how we work with Facebook. Before, we had one single page with everything in a big jumble (that was actually Per’s personal page). […]

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Wine tweeting 2: More useful tips on Twitter

Yesterday I wrote a quick introduction to get you started on twitter. Here are some more tips and tricks, and useful things to know, in the world of tweeting. Some basic vocabulary as well as some tips and tools that will make it easier to find what is interesting. Read the first part here: Wine […]

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Wine Tweeting 1: how to get started on Wine Twitter

Twitter has become a very popular thing among (primarily English speaking) wine aficionados and wine professionals, journalists, writers and other. At the same time it is almost impossible to understand what the point is of Twitter – unless you try it. Here’s a short introduction to wine tweeting that will get you started in this […]

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It’s spring. Can you hear the twittering?

“Social media” is a somewhat vague term, but one has to try and understand it. “Twitter” is a web service that became well known much thanks to the American presidential election. Obama twittered. I’m not sure if Mc Cain (was that his name?) twittered. Now BKWine too twitters. To twitter is to send short messages, […]

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Widget for wine

Natalie Maclean is a productive Canadian wine writer who also has an active life on the internet. She has just launched a new wine and food matching “widget” for social media. What it means? Well, it’s a small piece of code that one can use if one has a blog or a web page. By […]

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Social media for wineries

First arrived the fax. And then came email. Now it’s social media and social networks that are hot. CataVino is a small consultancy based in Spain that helps wineries to understand how better to work with the internet, social networks included: Catavino was founded by two Americans who have settled in Spain. They also […]

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