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This is a small restaurant in the restaurant de quartier-style (neighbourhood restaurant) that can be so sympathique. Rickety wooden chairs, a big zinc bar counter, friendly service – there you go. For lunch they have two three course formulas at 12€ and 21 € and in the evening a more elaborate menu but one that changes all the time. The cuisine is a bit modern without going to excesses – one could call it imaginative.

The wine list has a focus on organic wines with even a tendency toward “natural”. Some 15 wines by the glass and around a hundred in bottle. The restaurant is also a wine shop so you can take any wine you like with you home.

Le Verre de Terres is located just a stone’s throw outside the city centre, which often, as here, means better quality at lower prices and better service. And just a very short walk from La Petite Venise and the hotel where we usually stay in Colmar.

Le Verre de Terres, Restaurant Bar à Vins, Vente à emporter, 11 rue Wickram (on the corner to rue des Ecoles and Quai de la Poissonnerie), ph 03 89 23 61 10, https://verredeterres.free.fr

Little Venice in Colmar
Little Venice in Colmar, copyright BKWine Photography
Riesling grapes in a vineyard in Alsace
Riesling grapes in a vineyard in Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

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