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Vine sarments in the fire

Vine sarments in the fire, copyright BKWine Photography

The restaurant hides on one of the dark streets behind the Quai des Chartrons area, but don’t be deterred. (It is very close to the more famous Gravellier.) Rustic country style is a very good description. Their speciality is grilled meat, so if you go there you should definitely try something from the barbeque; that is inevitable.

The grilling is done in front of you – in the middle of the dining room so you can see when it is cooked. If you’re cold, try and get a seat near it. It will definitely warm you up! It is a huge open fire. You choose your meat and you choose your accompaniment, et voilà. Delicious meat or if you’re adventurous try the crispy grilled pork intestines.

The meat is grilled on real sarments (vine cuttings) which is quite rare. There are not many other restaurants that do that. A spectacle in itself.

The restaurant also functions as a wine shop and all the wines are sold at caviste prices in the restaurant. The wine selection is very Bordeaux focused of course. There are both some reasonably priced ones and some famous names. And since they serve them at wine shop prices in the restaurant it is generally very good value. But you have to like rustic!

Definitely one of the more original (and least touristy) addresses in Bordeaux that is becoming more and more metropolitan.

Restaurant La Cave de Bigoudy, 36 rue Tourat, 33000 Bordeaux, ph 05 56 51 69 43

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