Wine bars and wine restaurants in Paris, a selection by Finare Vinare

Wine bar, bar a vins

Wine bar, bar a vins, copyright BKWine Photography

Finare Vinare is an anonymous Swedish wine blogger (the name means Finer Wines in English). Evidently he was recently in Paris to explore some of the wine bars and wine restaurants.

We are familiar with several of the addresses he mentions and can only agree that it is address worth exploring if you happen to come to Paris. Here are the night haunts on his list:

  • Autour d’Un Verre, typical restaurant for locals, reasonable prices, “natural” wines… Autour d’un Verre, 21 rue de Trévise, 75009 Paris, 01 48 24 43 74
  • Vivant – Tiny, not cheap, fantastic decoration, good food, Vivant, 43 rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010 Paris, 01 42 46 43 55,
  • La Coupole, one of the big “classics” of Paris brasseries, art nouveau decoration, and actually quite good food, shellfish counter (!), 102 Bd du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, 01 43 20 14 20,
  • Bistroy les Papilles, good food in classic bistro style place, lots of tourists (good press coverage internationally), but for once perhaps one can take it, BistroY Les Papilles, 30 rue Gay Lussac 75005 Paris, 01 43 25 20 79,
  • Le Verre Volé, tiny restaurant and wine shop, very Parisian, crowded, simple, friendly, close to Place de la République, Le Verre Volé, 67 rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris, 01 48 03 17 34,

Many thanks to Finare Vinare Finare Vinare for the list that we borrowed. Most of the restaurants have also been reviewed in English (!) on Wine Terroirs.

Which are your favourites that we should add to the list?

Cafe tables on the terrasse

Cafe tables on the terrasse, copyright BKWine Photography

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