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Mountain view and vineyards in the Piedmont

The four most popular wine countries in Sweden 2017

Italy shot to the top position in 2012, as the country selling most volume of wine into Sweden, and is still there. Not threatened by anyone at the moment. In 2017, 56.8 million litres of Italian wine were sold at Systembolaget, the Swedish retail monopoly. France, in second place, sold a meagre 26.5 million. The […]

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Bottles in pupitres for remuage in Champagne

Record year for Champagne 2017

Comité Champagne has published their sales figures for 2017. Champagne made a record turnover of 4.9 billion euros in 2017. 307 million bottles were sold, a slight increase compared with 2016. The sales record counted in volume from 2007 is still valid. 338 million bottles of champagne were sold that year. France is still the […]

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An old farm house, where Linnaeus was born

A crazy idea? Selling wine at the cellar door?

This may sound absurd but it is true. The wine producers are not allowed to sell their wines at the cellar door. It is strictly forbidden. This is not in any normal wine country but in Sweden. There are actually a few vineyards in Sweden, perhaps 20, maybe even more, but with of course very […]

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Who sells wine in Denmark?

It is not only in Sweden that the Italian wines are popular. Also in Denmark, Italy is the largest wine country with a market share of 21.5%. Chile is in second place with 13.3%, closely followed by Spain, France and South Africa. In sixth place is Australia with 6.8%. In Denmark, the supermarket chains have […]

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Jean-Claude Mas of Domaine Paul Mas

Demand for French wines growing – in the USA

It is not quite Jack in the Box, but French wines are making solid progress in the USA. In 2013 sales of French wines increased with 7.3% to reach 9.4 million cases, Shanken News Daily reports, based on numbers from Impact Databank. What counts in terms of numbers are of course the affordable wines in […]

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Sales record for Rioja

227 million litres of wine (2.8 M hl) was sold in 2013, up 4% on 2012. This is an all time high for rioja. Never has so much Rioja been sold. A few years back Rioja was struggling. Decreasing sales. But now Rioja is apparently back, breaking records. Here are more numbers: 90% of sales […]

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Why do the wine importers hide behind multiple names?

In a recent article here on BKWine Magazine on the largest wine importers (in Sweden) I speculated about why many of the largest wine importers have several subsidiaries. In some it become a maze of companies, each headed (fully or partially) by the same people but under different company names. The four most thorny wine […]

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WineMeridian logo

What you need to do to sell your wines better in Sweden

BKWine interviewed in the Italian magazine WineMeridian The Italian online magazine WineMeridian has just published an interview with us on how better to sell wines in Sweden. Or to put it in another way, we explain a bit about how the Swedish wine market works and the market dynamics that there are. The interview published […]

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Sales of organic wines (in Sweden)

The sales of organic products at the Swedish state alcohol monopoly are targeted to be 10% of total sales by 2020. That is the target set by the Swedish state (i.e. the owner). Organic wine best-sellers today are, not surprisingly, four bag in boxes: Gosa Monastrell from Spain with 1,5 million sold litres (“gosa” is […]

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Strong demand for organic wines

Both the demand for and the production of organic wine continues to experience strong growth, according to the latest numbers from Millesime Bio. Over seven percent of the French vineyards are now working according to organic principles! The three biggest producers of organic wines are Spain, Italy and France. Read more about the recent trends […]

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Wine shop in Lisbon

Independent Swedish internet wine merchants – a new sales channel for producers?

Internet wine shops can today sell directly to Swedish consumers and bypass the monopoly. The Swedish wine market is dominated by the monopoly retailer, Systembolaget (just like Alko in Finland and Vinmonopolet in Norway). Since a few years back there are a number of independent internet-based wine merchants selling directly to Swedish consumers. A interesting […]

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Chateau La Louviere, Graves, Bordeaux

Demand for Bordeaux and Languedoc will grow the most

The appellations that were expected to see the biggest growth in demand in 2011 were Bordeaux, Languedoc and Rhône, according to Sopexa. Every year Sopexa polls wine importers and retailers across 12 countries on how they think the market will develop. According to this poll these are the regions that were expected to have the […]

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Hard times for wine producers in Napa Valley

Even in Napa Valley there can be hard times. Some 10 wineries are about to change hands this year and next in order to avoid bankruptcy or closing. Two years ago there was none in a similar situation. This is the worst down-turn in 20 years, it is said. Ten producers is perhaps not a […]

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Record wine sales expected in Sweden

According to the forecast at the end of last year 2009 will be a record year for wine sales in Sweden. If December sales were as expected (as hoped for, is probably not the right expression in this country) sales for the full year would reach 174 million litres of wine, well above the last […]

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Wine sales up again – in the US

Sales of wine in October were up 7% according to numbers released by Nielsen for the US market. Sales dropped sharply at the beginning of the year but picked up a tiny bit in September. This positive trend are confirmed by the October numbers. On the other hand, wine sales seems very cyclical with a […]

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Chile and France bestselling wine countries in Denmark

Some Danish wine statistics: According to the Wine and Spirit Organisation in Denmark, and Chile is the top wine supplier to Denmark with a market share of 17%, followed closely by France with 16%. Italy has increased its share significantly, as has South Africa. Australia and Great Britain (!) are the big losers with […]

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The ‘40%’ of Champagne

40% seems to be a magic, or rather cursed, number for Champagne at the moment, according to what we read in The Drinks Business. The latest numbers from the CIVC show a drip in shipments to Great Britain with 40% for the first four months of this year, and Rémy Cointreau reports a drop in […]

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France loses ground in England

Down with 6.5% in a year. In third place, after Australia and USA (i.e. California). Chased by Italy (+14.9%) and South Africa (+34.9%!). France and French wines do not have an easy time on the UK market, judging from an interesting article by Charles Metcalfe in The Telegraph: “Zut alors! French wine sales go down […]

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Looking good for armagnac

Sales of armagnac grew with 18 % within France and 10.8% (in value) on the export market over the period from January to October 2008. This compares to the total spirits market in France that fell by 4.5% over the same period. Armagnac is a spirit that comes from the south-west of France, from Gascony. […]

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Wine sales on the internet boom

According to research done by PowerBoutique sales of wine over the internet grew with 171% between 2006 and 2007 compared to +31% for the average on-line shop – in France. Numbers that are perhaps a bit surprising, in view of the struggle that most online wine shops have to survive.

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Drink more sherry

Sherry is another of those wines that definitely deserves to be more appreciated by the wine lovers. Especially the wonderfully dry and crisp fino with some olives or Serrano ham, not to mention manzanilla an amontillado. But forget the cloyingly sweet kinds and above all auntie’s Bristol Cream that was wheeled out of the cupboard […]

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The Paris wine shop Lavinia grows with 19%

Lavinia is one of Paris’ most interesting (but perhaps not cheapest) wine shops, located centrally on Bd Madeleine. They have an impressively large selection counting some 6500 references. They also have a restaurant (with the wines at shop prices) and a wine accessory shop. Lavinia France ended the year 07/08 with the turnover up by […]

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18 month low for wine prices

The Liv-ex 100 Fine Wine is an index (just like stock indexes) tracking wine prices. It has reach an 18 month low in October, falling 12% in that month alone. Some examples: Lafite 2004 -28%, Montrose 2003 -23%, Ausone 2000 -22% and so on. The somewhat broader Liv-ex 500 (including 500 wines) was not hit […]

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Top ten wines at Systembolaget

Systembolaget is the monopoly wine retailer in Sweden and (as a consequence) one of the largest wine and spirits retailers in the world. Here are some top-ten sales lists for January to August 2008: Red wines sold in bottle: – Hidden Rock Petit V Cab S 410,105 bottles – Penfolds Rawson’s Retr Shir Cab 356,099 […]

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