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Strong demand for organic wines

Both the demand for and the production of organic wine continues to experience strong growth, according to the latest numbers from Millesime Bio. Over seven percent of the French vineyards are now working according to organic principles! The three biggest producers of organic wines are Spain, Italy and France. Read more about the recent trends […]

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A glass of sparkling wine

The Germans like their Sekt

7% of all wine produced in the world is sparkling, according to Vitisphere. This is an increase of 2% since 2002. 65% of the sparkling wines come from France, followed by Italy, Germany, Spain and Chile. As for the consumption of sparkling wine Germany tops the list closely followed by France. The Germans drink up […]

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Champagne Benoit Marguet makes wine from organic grapes

Demand for organic wine continues to grow, as does production

We just received some new statistics on organic wines, the production and the consumer demand (than you Millesime Bio). Both organic wine production and the appetite from customers for organic wines continue to rise. Here are some numbers for France: Organic wine production: 61,055 hectares of organic vineyards in 2011, an increase with 21% on […]

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Shelfing with wine in a Systembolaget shop

Sweden has a broad range of wines, or not?

How does the fact of having a monopoly on retail sales influence the range of products on sale in Sweden? A few years back a new range of wines was introduced, the so called “On Order” range which means that the wine lover can choose from thousands of wines in addition to the normal range […]

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Chateau La Louviere, Graves, Bordeaux

Demand for Bordeaux and Languedoc will grow the most

The appellations that were expected to see the biggest growth in demand in 2011 were Bordeaux, Languedoc and Rhône, according to Sopexa. Every year Sopexa polls wine importers and retailers across 12 countries on how they think the market will develop. According to this poll these are the regions that were expected to have the […]

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A very old vine

Spain’s biggest wine customers

Spain has in recent years been suffering a decline in the wine exports. The international sales have gone down from 1.2 bn euro in 2007 to 1 bn euro in 2010 (excluding bulk and sparkling). Here are the biggest markets: UK 153 million euro Germany 153 M€ USA 127 M€ Switzerland 71 M€ Netherlands 52 […]

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Pinot noir from New Zealand

New Zealand wine exports

In the 12 months to January 2011 New Zealand exported 1.56 Mhl (156 M litres). Almost all of it, 84 %, goes to the three top export markets: UK, Australia, and USA. Here are the top ten (to 13) export markets for NZ wines: UK: 34 % of total exports Australia: 30 % USA: 20 […]

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Wine shop in Bordeaux

Prices on Bordeaux primeurs mostly going up

Prices for Bordeaux primeurs are mainly going up. Again. Is that a cause for concern? No, we argue. Most if not all chateau in Bordeaux will have announced their prices for the primeurs 2010 by now although many of the “releases” seems to have been done later than usual. Perhaps that is because they wanted […]

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More champagne!

Yes, another note on champagne, one on more champagne. The production in the Champagne region has shot up substantially over the last 50 years or so. Here are some numbers (source: CIVC/the Drinks Business): Total shipments: In 1950 shipments reached 33 million bottles. 2008 the number was almost ten times as much: 322 million. Shipments […]

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Hard times for wine producers in Napa Valley

Even in Napa Valley there can be hard times. Some 10 wineries are about to change hands this year and next in order to avoid bankruptcy or closing. Two years ago there was none in a similar situation. This is the worst down-turn in 20 years, it is said. Ten producers is perhaps not a […]

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Not fun in Champagne

As expected 2009 was a difficult year for Champagne – the wine district that otherwise over recent time has suffered very little (none, to be precise) of the hardship that most wine regions have seen. Sales were down with “only” 9%. Some earlier predictions pointed in the direction of -25% or more but that was […]

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More forecasts for wine in 2010

John Mariani has, just like we did in the last issue of the Brief, made predictions of what will happen in 2010 in the wine world. Here’s what he thinks: 1. Prices will continue to fall 2. More and more people will buy wine online 3. Wine blogging will continue to grow, albeit not always […]

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Wine trends for 2010 – our predictions

Ten predictions for wine trends for 2010 Wine Trend 2010 #1, environmental issues #1, eco-friendly wines It’s been a trend for some time now but we think it will continue and perhaps accelerate in 2010. We consciously say “eco-friendly” and not organic wines since there is a big group of producers who work with so […]

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Wine Trend 2010 #10: China grows in importance

In a longer term this will have a big impact but even in the short term it will be noticeable. It is above all on the consumption side that it will have an effect – the Chinese demand for wine will grow. It will primarily be more expensive wines that will sell rather than budget […]

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Wine Trend 2010 #9: More protectionism in the EU

This is the trend that we most hop that we will be mistaken on. Over the last few years the EU agricultural policy (the CAP) regarding wine has mad quite a lot of progress towards a more open and market oriented regulation. This is largely thanks to the outgoing agriculture commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel and […]

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Wine Trend 2010 #8: Cheaper (less expensive) champagne

Champagne is probably the wine region that has prospered most during the past decade. They have rather had a shortage of wine (or grapes) and steadily growing prices. But there’s a risk that this is over. Sales in 2009 have probably dived by more than 25% (we don’t have any final numbers). In spite of […]

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