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Mountain view and vineyards in the Piedmont

The four most popular wine countries in Sweden 2017

Italy shot to the top position in 2012, as the country selling most volume of wine into Sweden, and is still there. Not threatened by anyone at the moment. In 2017, 56.8 million litres of Italian wine were sold at Systembolaget, the Swedish retail monopoly. France, in second place, sold a meagre 26.5 million. The […]

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Mjödhamnens produktbeskrivning med cirkeldiagram

Monopoly on pie charts? You must be kidding!

No, I am not kidding. The very small company called Mjödhamnen is threatened with a law suit by the very big monopoly retailer Systembolaget in Sweden. Mjödhamnen means “the port of mead” and is a small, tiny, producer and importer of mead. What has Mjödhamnen done? Well, they have used pie charts, circular diagrams, to […]

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Systembolaget’s profit Q1-Q3 = SEK 297 million

For the first three quarters of 2014 Systembolaget (the Swedish alcohol retail monopoly) made a profit (operating result) of 297 million kronor (32 million euro), a substantial increase over last year, according to a press release from the company. Systembolaget’s revenues (turnover) was for the first nine months in 2014 SEK 19.2 billion (2 bn […]

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Sculpture on the facade of Systembolaget head office, the Thule House

Systembolaget’s Code of Ethical Conduct

We recently wrote about the Swedish State monopoly Systembolaget’s Code of Conduct for “ethical” wines. We were, however, not totally correct when we said that “Systembolaget […] adopted a few years back a so-called code of conduct. This means that they demand that wines purchased from risk countries come from producers who comply with certain […]

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Harvest workers in the vineyard

Ethically labelled wines at the Swedish Systembolaget

Systembolaget, the Swedish state monopoly for wine and other alcoholic beverages, adopted a few years back a so-called code of conduct. This means that they demand that wines purchased from risk countries come from producers who comply with certain rules regarding conditions for people working in the vineyard. Risk countries are South Africa, Chile and […]

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Thursday, June 13: Time for Systembolaget’s Lottery: The winner gets some 40,000 to 60,000 crowns

How Systembolaget subsidises luxury wines From time to time a few bottles of Romanée Conti, Domaine de la Romanée Conti (DRC), arrive in Sweden. This Thursday Systembolaget will launch this wine in a “new” vintage (2010). There will be in total four bottles available of Romanee Conti in Systembolaget’s “web launch” (wines only sold on […]

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Shelfing with wine in a Systembolaget shop

Sweden has a broad range of wines, or not?

How does the fact of having a monopoly on retail sales influence the range of products on sale in Sweden? A few years back a new range of wines was introduced, the so called “On Order” range which means that the wine lover can choose from thousands of wines in addition to the normal range […]

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The wine shops on the internet, are they all rubbish?

This will give you yet another curious view on the Swedish wine scene and the Swedish journalist community. In Sweden there is a retail monopoly. But since a few years back, thanks to EU regulations, Swedes are allowed to buy wine from sellers who are based in other EU countries. This has sparked a budding […]

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Sexism and equality in wine packaging

What do you think is most suggestive? Stylised pouting lips and the name “Wacky Chicks”, or A young girl with a flimsy skirt (petticoat?), with a wistful man with a flower, and the name “Untouched”? A while back we told you the story of a Swedish wine importer that had had his wine banned from […]

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Karlsson vodka

Midsummer – the peak of Scandinavian boozing

We only have numbers from Sweden but we suspect that the situation is similar in other Nordic countries. Midsummer is one of the most important Swedish holidays. Only Christmas can rival. Midsummer is a bank holiday in reality if not in principle. This year it was celebrated on June 24. (In reality it is the […]

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Wine auction in Stockholm

Even on the Swedish monopoly market there exists since a few years back wine auctions. It is of course the monopolist itself, the Systembolaget, who organises the auction. At the beginning of June they held the spring auction that ended with a final sales value of SEK 5.9 million Swedish kronor (640,000 euro), which was […]

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Bag-in-box wines at the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget

From a wine perspective this is of moderate interest. But from an economic and business perspective it can be interesting. In Sweden more than half of all wine that is sold in the monopoly shops (“Systemboalget”) are sold in bag-in-box. In Sweden they call it box wine. Other countries have other names for it: cubitaner […]

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Organic products grow with 50% at the Swedish alcohol monopoly

Systembolaget, Sweden’s retail monopoly for alcohol, reports an increase in sales of 50% for organic products, including wine, for the third quarter 2010 compared to Q3-09. What the increase is for wine only is not reported. The total market share of organic products at the retail monopoly is 3%. Systembolaget carries 117 organic products in […]

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Record wine sales expected in Sweden

According to the forecast at the end of last year 2009 will be a record year for wine sales in Sweden. If December sales were as expected (as hoped for, is probably not the right expression in this country) sales for the full year would reach 174 million litres of wine, well above the last […]

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