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“The world’s smartest way to sell alcohol”

Usually, this is a story that would only appear in the Swedish edition of the BKWine Brief but this is so outrageous so we have to share it with everyone. In a recent issue of one of the biggest daily paper the Swedish monopoly retailer of wine and spirits, Systembolaget, run a two page ad. […]

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The Systembolaget profit = 833 million SEK

The net profit for 2008 for Systembolaget AB, the Swedish retail alcohol monopoly, reached 833 M SEK (76 M euro). Total turnover increased from 20.2 M SEK to 21.3 M SEK and sales measured in volume pure alcohol grew with 2.7%. The CEO, Anitra Steen, is keen to point out the benefits of having a […]

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2.3 million euros for indoctrination and propaganda

No, we’re not talking about the French anti-wine campaigns. 2.3 million euro (25 M SEK to be precise) is the budget that the Swedish retail monopoly Systembolaget spends on advertising in a year, according to numbers released at their AGM recently. But don’t get it wrong, they are not making publicity for wine or spirits. […]

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91 % of all wine cost less than 9 euro

Or to be precise: 91 % of all wine sold in Sweden through the government owned monopolist Systembolaget (having a 50 % market share!) cost less than 9.32 euro (less than 100 kr; 1 krona = 0.932 euro). Here are the ranges: -39 kr: 0.1 % 40-49 kr: 5.1 % 50-59 kr: 24.1 % 60-69 […]

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Best selling countries in Sweden

This is the top list of wine origins, from the sales statistics from the Swedish government owned monopoly retailer Systembolaget. The stats concern wine : 1. South Africa, 16.6% market share (change: +10.7 %) 2. Italy, 16.3 % (+10.9 %) 3. Australia, 15.5 % (-1.9 %) 4. Spain, 13.7 % (-1.7 %) 5. France, 9.4 […]

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Biggest wine importers in Sweden

It’s only a partial truth since the state owned monopoly retailing chain Systembolaget AB only accounts for 50% of sales of alcohol in Sweden (yes, actually true), but this is the top list of their wine suppliers in 2008, with their respective market shares. 1. V&S Vin & Sprit Group, 20% 2. Fondberg, 7.6 % […]

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New CEO for Systembolaget, the Swedish monopoly

The Swedish government has appointed the successor to Anitra Steen, CEO of Systembolaget AB, the Swedish alcohol retail monopoly. The future CEO is Magdalena Gerger, currently Vice President at Arla Foods with a career history including Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Diageo, Tampax. According to some press info she has also during a part of her […]

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Top ten wines at Systembolaget

Systembolaget is the monopoly wine retailer in Sweden and (as a consequence) one of the largest wine and spirits retailers in the world. Here are some top-ten sales lists for January to August 2008: Red wines sold in bottle: – Hidden Rock Petit V Cab S 410,105 bottles – Penfolds Rawson’s Retr Shir Cab 356,099 […]

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Australia top-seller in Sweden

The ranking of the most popular wine countries at the Swedish monopoly retail chain Systembolaget (September 2007) is as follows. Australia has grown with 25% mainly due to a few successful launches of bag-in-box and tetra wines. (Percentages indicate market share) 1. Australia 17.3% 2. South Africa 16.1% 3. Italy 15.5% 4. Spain 14.6% 5. […]

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54% market share for the Swedish monopoly

Systembolaget, the Swedish retail monopoly, announced in its latest newsletter that their market share in Sweden is growing (of course, ‘monopoly’ does not quite mean monopoly). Systembolaget now provides 54% of all alcohol that Swedes consume, up from a low of 48% in 2004. The market share of spirits was 39% (up from 36%). In […]

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The Swedish monopoly grows sales too

The Systembolaget increased sales from January to October with 5.1% measured in ‘pure alcohol’. Wine sales grew with 5.4%. Anitra Steen, Chief Executive, commented: “growing household income and a decrease in travellers’ carrying alcohol with them from abroad is probably the cause”. She must feel slightly divided in the interpretation of the results – growing […]

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