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Bottles "sur lattes" in a cellar in Champagne

Nicolas Feuillatte buys Champagne Henri Abelé

Champagne’s largest cooperative Nicolas Feuillatte is getting even bigger. Feuillatte recently bought the champagne brand Henri Abelé, which, since 1985, has been owned by the huge Spanish cava producer Freixenet. Henri Abelé sells around 300,000 bottles annually. The house has beautiful cellars in Reims. It does not own any vineyards. Instead, it has long-term contracts […]

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Cave cooperative Embres et Castelmaure co-operative, Les Corbieres, Languedoc

A cooperative is the leader in organic wines in France

The cooperatives are many and significant players in the Languedoc. They account for a large proportion of the production here. But to survive in today’s competition, they, like everyone else, have to invest in what consumers want. For example, in organic wines. That’s what Cave Héraclès in the Gard in the eastern part of Languedoc […]

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Cave cooperative Embres et Castelmaure co-operative, Les Corbieres, Languedoc

Marque & Coop: cooperative with quality ambitions

In today’s tough competition, all wine producers must make every effort to keep customers and to win new ones. Not least is it important for the cooperatives. These are important for the French wine industry – they account for 50% of total production – but they have not had the best of reputations. “Together, we […]

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Muscadet Jubilation le Pallet

Cooperatives gaining ground in quality wines | Per on Forbes

Co-operatives sometimes suffer from a less than great reputation in wine. Sometimes it is well-deserved, for cooperatives that focus more on quantity and volume production than on quality. Sometimes is it unfair. There is an important trend today in the cooperative sector in the wine industry to improve both quality and market orientation. This is […]

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The biggest wine producers in Argentina

Wine is an extremely fragmented industry. I know of few, if any, markets that are equally fragmented. Beer, for instance is far more dominated by a few big companies. But even if that is the case, the wine market is much more concentrated, with bigger players, than what the average consumer thinks. Most people imagine […]

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Female journalists’ favourites in Languedoc (wines, of course…)

Agricultural cooperatives in France are numerous and influential. Not least in the wine business. In Languedoc almost 2/3 of the surface planted with vines are owned by wine growers belonging to a cooperative. This means 150,000 hectares and 15,000 cooperative wine growers. Every year the cooperatives compete with their wines in a prestigious competition held […]

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Bodegas Cooperativa Los Oteros , Pajares de los Oteros, Spain, Castile and Leon

Why wine co-operatives are so incredibly important

Wine lovers often tend to simply ignore wine co-operatives or even look down at them as sources of not so good wine. This is a mistake. It is true that many co-operatives are not tuned for making small batches of high quality wine. And even worse that wine co-operatives are often very poor at marketing. […]

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Powerful French Wine Cooperatives

Some of the French wine cooperatives are big players in the French wine world. Which is not surprising. Nearly half of all French wine comes from cooperatives. The biggest is Val d’Orbieu in the Languedoc with 2500 members and a production of one million hectolitres annually. Here is an updated list of France’s largest cooperatives. […]

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Nicolas Feuillatte dies, 88 years old

Sometimes you wonder who the person behind the name is, or if there is a person at all. In the case of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte there really was a person named Nicolas Feuillatte. He was an enterprising man who created his own champagne brand before he teamed up with what would later become Champagne’s biggest […]

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Ambitious cooperatives in the Rhône Valley merge

Two ambitious cooperative in the southern Rhone Valley have merged. It is the Caves des Vignerons de Caractère in Vacqueyras and Balma Venitia in Beaumes de Venise. There are both quite small cooperatives that work well and are investing heavily in sustainable wine growing. Together, they will account for 8 million bottles of wine from […]

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Some interesting facts about Champagne

Area in production: 33 350 hectares, of which: The Champagne houses 3 400 hectares The growers own 29 900 hectares and Production: 320 million bottles, of which: The Champagne houses produce 219 million bottles, The growers 72 million bottles, The cooperatives 28 million bottles. Number of “producers”: 5133 (not strictly speaking; it’s just the sum […]

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A Pera flash-detente machine

Cooperatives make demands on organic wines

The cooperatives produce almost 50% of all French wines so their opinion matters. They have recently, according to La Vigne, sent a letter to the French Minister of Agriculture with demands relating to the production of organic wines. They do not agree with some of the rules that were established this year for the work […]

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The wine cellar with stainless steel tanks

“Together we are strong“ say the wine co-operatives, some stats

Wine cooperatives are strong in France and especially in Languedoc-Roussillon where you find 70 % of them. Here are some interesting figures from the Fédération des Vignerons Coopérateurs Languedoc-Roussillon (Languedoc-Roussillon accounts for approximately 35 % of the total production of wine in France): 210 cooperatives 20 000 members 5400 employees 1200 million euro in turnover […]

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BKWine judges Coup de Coeur des Femmes Journalistes 2010

The wine cooperatives play an important role in the Languedoc-Roussillon. 25,000 growers belong to a cooperative and La Fédération Régionale de la Coopération du Langudoc Roussillon works hard to help, advice and enthuse its members. One of their initiatives is a yearly wine competition open to the various cooperatives. The wines that are best placed […]

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Cave Berticot, Côtes de Duras – BKWine Pick

A small co-operative with some 1000 hectares. They have invested heavily in quality development in recent years and now work closely together with the individual growers. Stephan Clement, the winemaker, comes from Champagne and finds it quite natural that things work very differently here. He has introduced pigeage in 18 of the fermentation tanks. this […]

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Cellier des Dominicains, Collioure, Roussillon – BKWine Pick

A quality-oriented co-operative (especially in recent times) in the middle of the very picturesque village of Collioure. The winery is in what was previously a Dominican monastery from the 13th century. They have put in place a system that encourages the growers-cooperatuers to improve the maturation and quality of their grapes. As everyone in this […]

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