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Youthful American MW to pull for French wines

Sopexa is the name of a French marketing and promotional organisation focusing on wine (and other agricultural products). for example, they run Their latest initiative is to recruit Sheri Sauter Morano to popularise French wines. Her focus will primarily be to promote everyday French wines – top-of-the-range luxury products like classed growth bordeaux and […]

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More about Sherry

Sherry is not quite the hippest drink around these days. Unfortunately. Many sherries, especially the dry versions, are excellent wines and outstanding value. Not least good to sip as an aperitif now when its summer (if ever it will arrive here in Paris). So we are glad to promote a site that is about nothing […]

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Blogging wine economists

The American Association of Wine has launched a new blog on the theme of wine, economics and marketing. Some of the subjects discussed already are: the extension of Champagne, wine in China and valuing Bordeaux vintages. Read more:

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How big carbon footprint from wine?

Tyler Colman, better known perhaps under his blogger pseudonym Dr Vino, has made a study of what greenhouse gases your wine consumption generates. Being in the US, the basic question he asked was “Is it better (=lesser emissions) to drink a wine from Bordeaux or one from California”. The Bordeaux wine will need longer transport […]

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BBR Fine Wine Blog

Not content with launching a virtual wine course BBR continues with a Fine Wine Blog written by various BBR staff. Some headlines from the first posts: “Biodynamic Wine Production – hocus-pocus or genuine?” and “Champagne; too successful by half?” Seems interesting to follow what it will turn into and seems not too focussed on just […]

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