Prizes to wine bloggers

The wine show Salon des Vins de la Loire gives since a few years (or is this the first time?) prizes to the best wine blogs. It is French speaking wine blogs (albeit not purely French blogs as the prize list will show) but it can be interesting to look at as inspiration even if you are not very francophone. Here are the winners:

The internet surfers’ prize and prize for best design: Aurélia Filion, We’ve previously written about Bu sur le Web in the Brief (it’s her with the entertaining videos and wonderful “accent”). It is also worth noting that the best design is very, very minimalist. Well chosen!

Best writer: Hervé Lalu,

Best interactivity: Emmanuel Delmas,

Special Loire prize: Jacques Berthomeau,

Best blog: Anne-Laurence Chadronnier,

This post is also available in: Swedish


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