Combine great wine, good food and charming villages and you have Alsace | Britt on Forbes

Alsace is at the eastern edge of France, just on the border to Germany. With the new high-speed train it takes only three hours from Paris and it is a trip well worth doing. Although it is quite high up north it is one of France’s sunniest districts, sheltered as it is by the Vosges mountain range.

This is a white wine district. They make dry and fresh whites sharp and elegant as a shining knife edge, and luscious dense magnificent sweet wine too. And a little bit of red.

They are famous for their gastronomy, choucroute of course, but also cheeses, foie gras, flammekueche and much more.

A village in Alsace

A village in Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

In Britt’s latest article on Forbes she gives you an introduction to this beautiful wine region and a some suggestions for wines to try and places to visit. Here’s the introduction:

Alsace is so perfect that you sometimes wonder if it’s for real. Well, yes it is. This is not Disneyland although the fairy tale villages along the Alsatian route de vin, the wine road, almost make you believe it is. But speak to the winegrowers working the steep hills covered with vines and they will most definitely tell you that making wine in Alsace is hard work and nothing to do with fairy tales.

Hard work yes, but they are nevertheless very attached to their region. Alsace has always been special. It is tucked away in the north east corner of France, right on the border to Germany. Over the years it has alternatively belonged to France and to Germany. Being a border region, the Alsatians have developed a dialect not easily understood by outsiders. But they know that and they speak normal French with tourists, or German or English if you prefer.

Read Britt’s full article on Forbes: Alsace: Delicious Wine And Food; Picture-Perfect Villages.

Little Venice in Colmar

Little Venice in Colmar, copyright BKWine Photography

Alsatian houses

Alsatian houses, copyright BKWine Photography

An Alsatian village

An Alsatian village, copyright BKWine Photography

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