2013 Hugel Gentil | Birgitta’s Wine of the Month

Hugel Gentil is a workhorse of wine from Alsace, a wine with a summery tone. The designation Gentil means that it is made from a blend of the Alsatian green grapes. In this case, Sylvaner, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Muscat. The colour is so bright yellow that one could easily believe that it lacks substance. But it has both aromatic and floral aromas and a fruity and fresh flavour of peach, melon and orange blossom. There’s plenty of flavours in a rather solid body which makes the wine go well with for example a cold buffet table with both vegetables and meat, also with Asian flavours. A certain bitterness in the aftertaste makes it more of a food wine. Serve it very cold in order to reduce the perception of bitterness if you also want to have it as an aperitif. Price: ~10 euro.

A narrow street in Eguisheim, Alsace

A narrow street in Eguisheim, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Vineyards around Hussern les Chateaux, Eguisheim, Alsace

Vineyards around Hussern les Chateaux, Eguisheim, Alsace, copyright BKwine Photography

Little Venice, Colmar, Alsace

Little Venice, Colmar, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Riesling, Kastelberg grand cru, Andlau, Alsace

Riesling, Kastelberg grand cru, Andlau, Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Grand cru vineyards in Alsace

Grand cru vineyards in Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

Little Venice in Colmar

Little Venice in Colmar, copyright BKWine Photography

Vineyards in Alsace

Vineyards in Alsace, copyright BKWine Photography

An Alsatian village

An Alsatian village, copyright BKWine Photography

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