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They have the tagline “pizzaioli emigranti” and they probably have a large emigrated family: It is actually a chain of restaurants that exists in more than 20 cities. We are not fans of chain restaurants – they tend to be impersonal – but this one we do recommend. We have only visited the Fratelli la Bufala restaurant in Verona and we have almost (see below) always been very satisfied. It is a “simple” pizzeria and meat restaurant. The “emigranti” part probably comes from that it originates from the south of Italy where they have the buffalos that give us the real mozzarella.

We have almost always had pizza (and perhaps pasta) when at the Fratelli’s and it has always been excellent. Looking at people trying the meat dishes they seem very happy with it too. It is generally a young crowd eating in the restaurant. Mostly (see below) very friendly, helpful and relaxed service. Very friendly prices to. Simple, quick, easy-going. Wine choice that is OK for this level of a restaurant.

Another big benefit: it is only a stone’s throw from the famous Romeo & Juliet balcony, further away on the same street, but a bit difficult to find, hidden in a small alley. Look for the sign on the side-walk otherwise you will miss it. So it is far in atmosphere but not in distance from the tourist haunt restaurants on Piazza delle Erbe.

[However, last time we were there the atmosphere was quite different: pizzas still good but staff not very friendly or attentive and the wine list was minuscule… Perhaps a temporary lapse? Give us your feedback if you go there.]

Fratelli la Bufala, Via Leoni, Verona, 045 800 1240,

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No picture from Fratelli Bufala, so what about this piazza that is only a few minutes’ walk away:

Piazza delle Erbe in Verona

Piazza delle Erbe in Verona, copyright BKWine Photography

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