Offal et al.

Small Gastronomic Glossary

A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology

Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista

andouille/andouillette, f inälvskorv sausage made of chitterlings
cervelle, cerveau(x) (d’agneau, de veau) hjärna brains
coeur, m hjärta heart
foie lever liver
langue, f tunga tongue
moelle, f [mwal] märg (bone) marrow
museau, m mule brawn (UK), headcheese (US)
os, m ben [ås] i sing, [å] i pl. bone
rate, f mjälte spleen
ris (m) de veau kalvbräss sweetbread (of veal)
rognon, m njure kidney
tripes, f pl komage tripe

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