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Live oysters can be found all over Paris around Christmas and New Year

French food for Christmas and New Year | Per on Forbes

Many countries have special food traditions for Christmas. In Sweden, as an example, you have the “julbord”, with a specially prepared ham, special herring, special cabbage, and many other things. In France, curiously, they don’t really have much special food for Christmas and New Year. Instead they just eat more and better of what one […]

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Come si mangia l'olio olive oil recipes

Come si mangia l’olio! How to eat olive oil! – A new book

Come si mangia l’olio is the title of a new book published recently in Italy. The book contains recipes from six chefs: Gaetano Simonato (Tano Passami l’Olio, Milan), Vito Mollica (Il Palagio, Firenze), Lino Scarallo (Palazzo Petrucci, Naples), Guido Havercock (La Tavola di Guido, Castellina in Chianti) Oliver Glowig (Ristorante Oliver Glowig, Rome), Pietro Leemann […]

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Honey from Champagne

Honey from Champagne, doesn’t it sound delicious? Now this delicacy exists. Well-known Champagne AR Lenoble will release in in September its third vintage of honey from the village of Chouilly. AR Lenoble works environmentally friendly and sees beekeeping as part of having a living environment around their vineyards. The small Champagne house has the environmental […]

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Food is important for travellers

According to the UN agency UNWTO 88% of all travellers consider that the gastronomy plays a major role on the trip. It comes as no surprise. We know that many participants on our wine tours are as interested in the local gastronomy as they are in wine. More and more people are looking for unique […]

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Tapas in Rioja

When you are in Spain having a few tapas can easily turn into a whole dinner. You go from bar to bar and try a few tapas (or pintxos that it is sometimes called) and a glass a wine. You continue to the next and try some more. We have collected a list of recommended […]

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Grappa Cecchini Antica Macelleria

Beef and wine from Tuscany: the Fonterutoli winery and the butcher Dario Cecchini performs at the Restaurant AG

The chef, the butcher and the winemaker Red wine with meat, sure it still works even if one should avoid being too conventional in wine and food pairing. When Francesco Mazzei from the Castello di Fonterutoli and the Marchesi Mazzei winery in Tuscany came to Stockholm he brought with him the legendary butcher Dario Cecchini. […]

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One of our favourite restaurants in Florence

There are almost innumerable restaurants in Florence, anything you may want from luxury and abundance to a quick pizza to go. One that is in the category friendly neighbourhood restaurants is Le Carceri (i.e. The Prison). We have previously written about it in a restaurant review and now we have added a few videos and […]

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Olives on an olive tree branch

Britt’s Olive of the Month: Lucques

I could not help but to nominate an “olive of the month” after having tasted the green olive “Lucques” by the cooperative L’Oulibo in Bize-Minervois. Lucques has a characteristic, elongated shape and should preferably be enjoyed au naturel, with nothing added but water and salt. This way you really feel the flavours of the olive. […]

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Le Carceri restaurant in Florence, how it used to look is on the table mat

Le Carceri, restaurant Florence | BKWine Pick

Le Carceri actually means “the prison” and that is what this place used to be. Now it houses a nice restaurant and apartments (of the more voluntary kind). In a calm court yard hidden from traffic in the old penitentiary this restaurant has a very nice outside terrasse – calm since there are non cars […]

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A memorable wine lunch in Languedoc

We were fortunate (you have to create your own luck!) to have a magnificent lunch and wine tasting at the wine tour we recently organised in the Languedoc-Roussillon. This district certainly merits becoming much better known among wine lovers: they make great wine and it is spectacularly beautiful. The small group of wine lovers that […]

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Red cars in a parking lot

Buon natale! Italian Christmas

How is an Italian Christmas and an Italian Christmas dinner? Italy is a strange country, difficult to understand. Even for the Italians themselves. There is chaos in politics and in the traffic, but when it comes to food and drink you have to follow the rules. Otherwise you will be stared at or laughed at, […]

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An introduction to truffles with Giorgio Colli

We have published a new video on our video channel on truffles. Earlier this year we met with a doctor in truffles, Dottore Giorgio Colli. Luckily we had the time to make a short video interview with Dottore Colli. In it he explains “all about truffles”, especially on the exclusive white truffle that has made […]

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More Food Vocabulary Help

Dictionaries, vocabularies, lexicons Here are some suggestions for places to find more information and translations of food terms. We are happy to receive suggestions for other useful places to find information: suggestions. French-English Gastronomy, Cuisne et Terroirs, rechercher un produit The Food Thesaurus – lots of explanations in English but no translations Saveurs du […]

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Various and Other

Small Gastronomic Glossary A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista DIVERS DIVERSE VARIOUS/OTHER bavaroise, f fromage, pudding bavarois beignet, m munk doughnut biscotte, f skorpa, kex biscuit, cracker, rusk (UK), Melba toast (US) cassonade, f (brune) farinsocker brown sugar chantilly – cf. crème chantilly chapelure, f ströbröd breadcrumbs confiture, f marmelad, sylt jam, […]

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Herbs & Spices

Small Gastronomic Glossary A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista (FINES) HERBES, f, EPICES, f ÖRTKRYDDOR, KRYDDOR HERBS, SPICES ail, m, ails/aulx (pl), tête (f) d’a., gousse (f) d’a. vitlök, vitlökar, “hel” v., vitlöksklyfta garlic, (plural), bulb of g., clove of g. aneth, m dill dill basilic, m basilika basil cannelle, f kanel […]

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Mushrooms, fungi

Small Gastronomic Glossary A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista CHAMPIGNONS, m SVAMP MUSHROOMS cèpe, m Karl Johan-svamp, karljohansvamp, stensopp porcini/cèpe mushrooms (boletus edulis) champignon (de Paris) champignon button/cultivated mushroom champignon sauvage skogssvamp wild mushroom chanterelle, f trattkantarell (Obs: ej “vanlig” gul kantarell) another kind of mushroom not in the chanterelle family but […]

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Fruit & Berries

Small Gastronomic Glossary A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista FRUITS, BAIES, m FRUKT OCH BÄR FRUIT, BERRIES abricot, m aprikoser apricot airelle, f (à fruits rouges) lingon lingon-berry agrume, m (mpl) citrusfrukt (vanl. plur.) citrus fruit (us. plur.) amande, f mandel almond ananas, m ananas pineapple arachide, f jordnöt peanut banane, f […]

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Fish, Shellfish & Seafood

Small Gastronomic Glossary A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista Important: It is often VERY difficult to precisely translate the names of some fish. Fish species are not identical in different parts of the world … and the same name may actually be used for different fish. Or, a fish that you can […]

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Offal et al.

Small Gastronomic Glossary A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista TRIPERIE/ABATS INÄLVSMATSBUTIK/INÄLVSMAT OFFAL andouille/andouillette, f inälvskorv sausage made of chitterlings cervelle, cerveau(x) (d’agneau, de veau) hjärna brains coeur, m hjärta heart foie lever liver langue, f tunga tongue moelle, f [mwal] märg (bone) marrow museau, m mule brawn (UK), headcheese (US) os, m […]

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