Fruit & Berries

Small Gastronomic Glossary

A French-Swedish-English dictionary of food terminology

Liten Gastronomisk Ordlista

abricot, m aprikoser apricot
airelle, f (à fruits rouges) lingon lingon-berry
agrume, m (mpl) citrusfrukt (vanl. plur.) citrus fruit (us. plur.)
amande, f mandel almond
ananas, m ananas pineapple
arachide, f jordnöt peanut
banane, f banan banana
baie (f) polaire hjortron cloud-berry
brugnon, m nektarin nectarine
cacahuète, f jordnöt peanut
canneberge (ou atoca en Canada) tranbär cranberry
cassis, m svarta vinbär black currant
cerise, f körsbär cherry
citron vert, m lime lime
coing kvitten quince
datte, f dadel date
églantier, fruit de nypon rose hip
fausse mûre, f (?) hjortron cloudberry
figue, f fikon fig
figue de barbarie kaktusfikon prickly pear, cactus fig
fraise de bois smultron wild strawberry
fraise, f jordgubbar strawberry
framboise, f hallon raspberry
gratte-cul, m nypon hip
griotte, f sötsura körsbär (vanligen inlagda i lag), morell morello (type of cherry)
groseille, f (rouge, blanche) (röda, vita) vinbär (red, white) currant
groseille de/à maquereau krusbär gooseberry
mangue mango mango
mûre, f björnbär blackberry
mûre jaune, fausse-mûre hjortron cloudberry
myrtille, f blåbär blueberry
noisette, f hasselnöt hazelnut
noix valnöt walnut
orange, f apelsin orange
pamplemousse, f grapefrukt grapefruit
pèche, f persika peach
pignon, m pinjenöt pine nut or pine kernel
poire, f päron pear
pomme, f äpple apple
prune, m plommon plum
pruneau, m (d’Agens) katrinplommon French plum (dried), prune
quetsche violett plommon (violet) plum, Victoria plum
raisin sec russin raisin
raisin, m druva grape
reine-claude, f grönt plommon, reine-claude p. (green) plum, greengage
rhubarbe, f rabarber rhubarb
sorbe, f rönn rowan (tree/berry)
sureau, m fläder elder
zeste (de citron/orange) tunn bit av (citron/apelsin-) skal thin slice of (lemon) peel, zest

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