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World’s biggest selling spirit brands in 2013

The world’s biggest selling spirits is a curious bunch of brands. Most likely you will have heard of no more than two or possibly three brands on the list. Most likely you will not be familiar with the world’s biggest selling spirit, unless you have read our spirits posts before here on BKWine Magazine. In […]

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Richard "the nose" Paterson, Dalmore

Unique “vintage” whisky with age: Dalmore Constellation Collection

Exclusive distillate at exclusive prices Among the most exclusive of whiskies is the Dalmore Constellation Collection. It is a series of vintage whiskies created by the legendary Master Blender Richard “The Nose” Paterson. The entire collection contains 21 different whiskies back to 1964, priced from about 2000 euro to some 20,000 euro. Per bottle. Richard […]

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The world’s biggest selling whisky is…?

The world’s biggest selling whisky is not what one thinks. It is a “local” Indian brand called Bagpiper. The biggest “international” whisky is Johnnie Walker that comes third. Here is the top ten: Bagpiper, India Officer’s Choice, India Johnnie Walker, Scotland McDowell’s No.1, India Royal Stag, India Original Choice, India Jack Daniel’s, USA/Tennessee Old Tavern, […]

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Japanese Whisky – Facts, figures and taste

Japanese Whisky – Facts, figures and taste By: Ulf Buxrud Publisher: DataAnalysis Scandinavia AB, Ulf Buxrud is a great connoisseur of whisky. He has previously written a book about single malts from Scotland. This is his second book and in it he explores the world of Japanese whisky. Contrary to many other spirits (and […]

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Invest in a whisky distillery

Ladybank Company of Distiller is a project behind a new single malt distillery in Scotland. They claim to be different than other distillery launch projects in that it is owned by the members of a club and not by shareholders (in what respect that is different is not clear). They are still open to new […]

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Whisky from Öland

As opposed to many other internationally famous spirits (Calvados, Cognac,…) whisky does not have a regionally protected name. You can make whisky anywhere (e.g. in Japan, or on Ireland). Wannborga Distillery & Vineyard and Ölands Farm Brewery have joined together in a project to make whisky on the Swedish island of Öland in the Baltic […]

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What wine with chocolate?

At BKWine’s and Le Cercle Suédois’ recent Wine-With-Chocolate tasting general consensus was that Banyuls goes very well, as does Madeira. To dark and therefore not so sweet chocolate you can try a Madiran (!). Beer did not mix well at all with chocolate though. Some were also very enthusiastic about the combination with Malt Whisky.

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