The world’s 10 biggest wine producers

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The wine world is not only small picturesque vineyards in a rural setting with a horse pulling a plough between the vines. There are also large groups with international businesses.

Euromonitor has listed the top ten wine producers in the world for 2016:

  1. E & J Gallo, 2.7% of world production, USA
  2. Constellation Brands, 1.7%, USA
  3. The Wine Group, 1.5%, USA
  4. Treasury Wine Estate, 1.12%, Australia
  5. Viña Concha y Toro, 1.03%, Chile
  6. Castel Frères, 1.02%, France
  7. Accolade Wines, 0.97%, Australia
  8. Pernod Ricard, 0.97%, France, who, however, virtually does not make any wine in France (except champagne)
  9. Grupo Peñaflor, 0.9%, Argentina
  10. FeCoVitA Coop, 0.70%, Argentina, the only co-operative on the list
  11. Total together: 12.62% of world production.

All of these produce wines under a multitude of brands rather than under their own name. The only names found on a label would be Gallo and Concha y Toro.

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Mont Tauch Cave Cooperative co-operative, Fitou, Languedoc
Mont Tauch Cave Cooperative co-operative, Fitou, Languedoc, copyright BKWine Photography

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  1. Good day sir

    I am Akin Lawanson. Can a big wine producer employ farmers in the countryside to produce all it’s wine for it?. Can that be economical?.

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