Vineyard prices in 2021: declining but hardly cheap

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For certain people, the dream is to be able to buy a vineyard in France. In some regions, it takes many millions to do it, but not everywhere. Not surprisingly, prices vary vastly with prestige, reputation and location.

Just over 2% of French wineries changed owners in 2021. This means 17,400 hectares.

The total value of transactions was 1.09 billion euros, an increase of 27.1% compared to 2020.

Overall, the sales price of AOP vineyards fell by 1.7% compared to 2020, to 147,900 euros per hectare. However, the most expensive vineyards – Champagne in particular, where you pay an average of over one million euros per hectare – raise the average price.

Vineyards without appellation cost an average of 15,000 euros per hectare.

The most famous appellations in Bordeaux are also sold for over one million euros per hectare: Pomerol, Margaux, Pauillac, some locations in Saint Emilion, Saint Estèphe and Saint Julien. Burgundy premier cru and grand cru are even more expensive, although they rarely change owners.

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Vineyards and a village in the Champagne region in France
Vineyards and a village in the Champagne region in France, copyright BKWine Photography

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