Do we need a half-size decanter? Demivin Kickstarter project

I have a magnum decanter and quite a few regular size decanters but I don’t have a half-size decanter. I am not sure I need one. Perhaps I do, perhaps I don’t.

Two Dutch designers have designed a new decanter that is big (small) enough to contain just a half size bottle. The idea is not that you need something to decant in when you open a half-bottle. Instead the idea is that you should use this decanter when you want to open a regular bottle but you only want to drink half of it and store the remaining half for later.

1.5 years and many prototypes

Jaap Huijgen and Odin Visser, the two Dutch designers, have turned to Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform to find out if enough people are interested in half-size decanters. They have called their product Demivin. “After 1.5 years and many prototypes, we are proud to present our Demivin carafe. We hope to reach enough pledgers on Kickstarter so we can start the production of the Demivin”, says Jaap. You can see the prototypes on the Kickstarter page.

Demivin decanter

Demivin decanter

You can of course use an old empty half bottle instead but it is perhaps not quite as elegant. What seems to be the cleverest part of the design is the cork, rather than the decanter itself (that looks a little bit like something you’d find in a laboratory). Specially designed to allow you to eliminate all air in the carafe.

Well, I am still not sure I need one. But if you think it would be something useful in your kitchen you should support the Demivin Kickstarter project! It will cost you 29 euro to get one Demivin in the Kickstarter project. They seem to need your help. They have so far raised 11,248 euro of their target of 155,000 euro to get going with the production. But they still have 34 days to go.

One of the wines served for lunch

One of the wines served for lunch, copyright BKWine Photography

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