Saint Emilion classification of 2012 (2006?): Are the problems over?

The saga of the 2012 (2006?) classification in Saint Emilion continues. Maybe. Three chateaux, Croque-Michotte, La Tour du Pin Figeac and Corbin Michotte, disputed the classification because they felt they had been treated unfairly and believe that the evaluation of their chateaux left a lot to be desired. Corbin Michotte lost in 2012 its classification as a Grand Cru Classé and the other two chateaux had their applications to become a Grand Cru Classé rejected. INAO does not believe that any chateaux were unfairly treated. At the beginning of December a court in Bordeaux heard both sides and a judgment  was pronounced December 17. The judgment establishes the classification as presented in 2012. Croque-Michotte and Corbin Michotte says, according to the newspaper SudOuest that they will appeal. Read more on

There has, to say the least, been much turbulence around the 2012 classification. It started when the revision made in 2006 was cancelled. After that Saint Emilion had no classification until 2012 when a new revision was presented. We don’t know if the evaluation of the chateaux has been correct or not. But it is clear that if you decide to have a revision of your classification every ten years, it is obvious that there will be changes and that some chateaux will be dissatisfied. Maybe the founders of the classification in the 1950s didn’t realize that with so much money at stake, the chateaux left out of the classification will not just retreat and lick their wounds. They will protest. It just shows that the whole idea of a classification is unsustainable and brings no benefit to the consumer.

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Chateau Valandraud, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux

Chateau Valandraud, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux, copyright BKWine Photography

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