Our organic wine book spotted in Brazil! In a restaurant to go to

It is very exciting to find one’s book somewhere on a book shelf, in a book shop, or in someone’s hands. A little while back someone came up to me and wanted me to sign a copy of the book. Fantastic. It is not quite as if you are Oprah Winfrey, but it still makes you feel good.

Recently our book  Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture was spotted by a friend (Ricardo Bernardo, thank you!) in a picture from Brazil. I first thought it was from a book shop (the book was lying on top of Jamie Goode and Sam Harrop’s book Authentic Wine and among several wine books). But it turned out that it was in the office at a restaurant in Sao Palo, a restaurant specialising in organic, biodynamic and ‘natural’ wines.

The name of the restaurant is Saint Vin Saint Enoteca Bistrô and it is run by Lis Cereja. Here’s the picture:

Organic wine book in Brazil

Organic wine book in Brazil, copyright Lis Cereja

She had so many nice things to say about the book (and about her restaurant) so I have to share it with you. Here’s what she wrote on Facebook on the picture:

First of all, congratulations for the book. It’s really amazing. This is, in fact, my office’s table, in my restaurant. We have here in São Paulo the only one – I think so – working only with natural and biodynamic wines. Brazilian natural wines also. Maybe we are the only one even in Latin America doing this crazy and lovely business. We work also with organic and local in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, here in Brazil it’s very hard to find this kind of books – so I’ve bought at Amazon.

The biodynamic and natural wines here in Brazil still are a very young subject, but year after year the interest is growing. I have my restaurant/wine shop since 2008, and it’s a massive difference since that time. But we still have a lot of work to do – most of people don’t have any idea about what we are talking about….

Big thank you Lis!

I just wish I would have the opportunity to try the food and the wines in that restaurant. But travel to Brazil is not on my schedule unfortunately.

If you, on the other hand, happen to be in São Palo, now you know where to go: Saint Vin Saint Enoteca Bistrô, or on Facebook Saint Vin Saint Enoteca Bistrô

Here is more information about the book: Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking: Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture. And about all our wine books.

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