8 new grape varieties approved in France

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New grape varieties are regularly approved in France. First, they are preliminarily approved for a few years and then they are entered in the official French grape vine catalogue. Recently, these 8 grapes were enrolled, thanks to one or more of their properties.

These days it is often about resistance to diseases (to reduce spraying) or climate change.

  • Cualtacciu, white grape from Corsica, interesting especially for blends due to its high acidity.
  • Felen, white grape from the French Southwest, well adapted to warm climates and with a good acidity.
  • Fleurtai, white, Italian hybrid, can withstand harsh winters, resistant to mildiou.
  • Rossula bianca, white grape from southern Corsica with good resistance to mildiou, oidium and grey rot.
  • Uva biancona, white grape from Corsica that gives naturally low alcohol content and a high acidity.
  • Vintaghju, red grape from Corsica, gives wines with good acidity, tannin and coulor.
  • Xarello, one of the white cava grapes in Catalonia, well adapted to a Mediterranean climate and drought.
  • Brustianu, a white grape from southern Corsica, expressive with honey, anise and citrus aromas, suitable for blends.

Read more: LeigFrance.

A bunch of chenin blanc grapes in Anjou, Loire Valley
A bunch of chenin blanc grapes in Anjou, Loire Valley, copyright BKWine Photography

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