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Cara Sucia 100% cereza from Mendoza

Criolla, Argentina’s unique grapes

Criolla is the collective name of the grapes in South America that were either brought here as seeds or cuttings by the Spaniards in the 17th century or which are the result of spontaneous crossings that took place in South America between these European grape varieties. Listán negro, listan prieto, moscatel de alejandría and pedro […]

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Syrah grape bunch in Tuscany

Australia’s most popular grape varieties

Nowhere else is the dominance of a few grape varieties as big as in Australia. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay account for almost 60% of the total vineyard area of 149,000 hectares. Syrah alone accounts for 28% of the planted vines. But perhaps a diversification is in sight. Both Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc are […]

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Céline Gueguen with her scay vines (or chardonnay)

Sacy, a rare grape in northern Burgundy

Unusual grapes can pop-up when you least expect it. On one of our tours in Chablis in the spring, a little-known grape called sacy made an appearance during the tasting of Domaine Frédéric and Céline Gueguen. Of course, this was not a Chablis. Some Chablis producers, including Domaine Gueguen, also make wine outside the Chablis […]

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Vineyard in Franschhoek with merlot at Rickety Bridge

The top-ten grape varieties in France

France has 806,000 hectares planted with vines. This area includes about 70,000 hectares used for Cognac. Three grape varieties take up one third of this area: Merlot (112,000 hectares), Ugni Blanc (82,000 hectares, which is used mainly for Cognac) and Grenache (81,000 hectares). After the top three follow Syrah (64,000), Chardonnay (51,000), Cabernet Sauvignon (48,000), […]

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Less spraying with resistant grape varieties

For more than a decade there has been research going on in France in order to obtain grape varieties that are resistant to the fungal diseases oidium and mildiou. The research organization INRA believe that these varieties will be able to come on the market in 2017. 36 different resistance crossings are already out in […]

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A budding Batard-Montrachet vine

Chardonnay remains a popular grape

In the U.S., people drink more and more wine. In 20 years, from 1993 to 2013, the volume of wine that Americans are buying doubled. The average American spends USD 8.06 per bottle of wine. The domestic wines dominate. Wines from California has a 57% market share in terms of volume and 64% by value. […]

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Save the old (unknown?) grape varieties

There are several hundred grape varieties that can be used by winemakers in different countries. But the major well known varieties are very dominant. 30 varieties account for about 70% of world wine production. The many lesser known grapes have to be content with sometimes only a few hectares. Is a wine more exciting and […]

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Bonarda, the second most grown quality grape in Argentina

Bonarda could well deserve a bit more attention. It is actually the second most grown “quality” grape in Argentina. (Argentinean grape statistics is sometimes a bit confusing, just like Argentinean inflation statistics. Often it does not include grapes that are not considered to be “quality” grapes, like e.g. criolla and cereza. But sometimes they are […]

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Monopoly on grape varieties! Why?

In recent years, many new wine laws have been introduced in the EU. Among other things, the rules for “wines without geographical origin” have changed. These used to be called vin de table in France (table wines). Today they are called Vin de France, a name that should sell better in the world. And now […]

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Divico, new fungus-resistant grape

A new grape has been born in Switzerland, developed by the research institute Agroscope Changins. The Swiss are good at developing environmentally friendly grapes and this new grape, called Divico, has good resistance to both grey rot, mildiou and oidium. The grape is a cross between two grapes: gamaret and the hybrid bronner. With Divico […]

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French pinotage?

Last year, in 2012, seven new grape varieties were approved for wine production in France. Five of these were foreign varieties that are considered of interest either for the production of French wines or for plant nurseries to grow for export. The five “foreign” varieties were nebbiolo, nero d’avola, pinotage, touriga nacional and saperavi, a […]

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The back label with real and potential alcohol

Rules for labelling in France

On May 6, new rules were published for the labeling of wines in France. The rules come into force on 1st of July. The ministries involved, writes La Vigne, have taken quite some time to get the rules published but actually they are more or less already in use. The 6th of May publication was […]

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Marselan, recently planted vines

Experimental planting of new vines with resistance to mildew allowed in Languedoc

The producers of the Languedoc has now received its long-awaited permission from the Ministry of Agriculture to start growing, on an experimental basis, new grape varieties that are developed to be resistant against powdery mildew and downy mildew, we read in La Vigne. Not having to treat the vineyards against these two problems is of […]

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Primitive French zinfandel?

According to Vitisphere the French CTPS (Comité Technique Permanent de la Sélection) recently published a new list of permitted grapes varieties in France. New on that list is Primitivo, the star grape of Apulia in southern Italy. It is being recommended for Languedoc-Roussillon which seems reasonable. A few years ago they approved the Spanish Tempranillo.  […]

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Chile expands vineyard area with 6.5%

According to the latest statistics vineyard acreage grew with 6.5% in Chile in 2009. They now have 111 52 ha planted with vines to produce wine. 73% of the vineyards are planted with red grapes and 27% are planted with white grapes. these are the main grape varieties: Cabernet sauvignon, 40 728 ha Chardonnay 13 […]

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New Zealand’s most popular grape varieties

New Zealand is very well know for its internationally very successful sauvignon blanc wines, sauvignons that are very aromatic to the point of sometimes being overpowering. The focus on sauvignon has perhaps been so strong that other grape varieties have suffered behind it but there seems to be a trend today towards “rediscovery” of other […]

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Syrah vineyard

The world’s best syrah wines

It is, of course, not necessarily the world’s best syrah wines. Just like in any competition you can only win if you participate, and in “The World’s Best Syrah Wines” many of the most famous syrah wines were absent. But it is still interesting to see who the winners are. It shows a surprising diversity […]

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Germany’s most grown grapes

In our last Brief we wrote about the most popular grape varieties grown in Germany. The figures came from a print magazine but after looking at them a little more closely we thought they looked a bit peculiar (as did some of our readers!). So we checked instead the statistics from Deutsche Weininstitut: These figures […]

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