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Corked wine? Not only cork defects

When you talk about faulty wines, the cork is often the scapegoat. However, there are other types of defects. A tasting in the region of Touraine in the Loire Valley shows that the cork defect is not the biggest problem. The tasting was conducted by the Inter Loire in September when a large number of […]

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A diam cork

Natural cork without cork taint

We heard about the Diam closure for the first time about five years ago. We attended a tasting with some Champagne producers who all had tried a natural cork called Mytik, which is Diams counterpart for sparkling wines. Recently we read in Vitisphere that the company Diam Bouchage now accounts for 5% of the world […]

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Austrian wine, Sander Weissburgunder

Taste of ladybird

We all like ladybirds, don’t we? But maybe not the taste of them! Drinks Business reports from the “Cool climate conference” that recently took place in Tasmania that ladybugs often are seen as a positive presence in the vineyards because they eat insects that could harm the vines. But if you have a lot of […]

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Is there something wrong with the wine, sir?

It is not only the cork that can cause problems or “faults” with the wine. There is a whole range of things that can be a wine bad, or at least worse than it should be. It can be due to errors in the vineyard, for example too early (or too late) harvest, mistakes in […]

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Cork dogs to fight TCA?

Corked wines is still a problem. It is often the fault of the foul smelling chemical TCA. Even if the situation seems to have improved over recent years (fewer corked wines) it’s still a problem. A reader of the Brief suggested that one could teach dogs to identify TCA and find bad corks before they […]

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