Chateau de Palayson, an American-Swedish winery in Provence | Britt on Forbes

Château de Palayson is a beautiful wine estate not far away from the coast on the French Riviera in Provence. The owners, the American couple Alan and Christine Rudd, went against the stream when they bought Château de Palayson. They wanted to make high quality red wine.

A country road in Provence

A country road in Provence, copyright BKWine Photography

In Britt’s latest article on Forbes she gives you an introduction to this estate ini Provence. Here’s the introduction:

People associate Provence with rosé wines, so being a wine producers here and making more red than rosé makes you different. But it does not necessarily give you more money in the purse. ”If you want to make money in Provence, make rosé”, says American couple Christine and Alan Rudd at Château de Palayson. But they still prefer to make red wines. They didn’t buy Château de Palayson to become rich; it was more of a life-style change.

Christine and Alan Rudd at Chateau de Palayson

Christine and Alan Rudd at Chateau de Palayson, copyright BKWine Photography

Château de Palayson produces 35,000 bottles a year. 85% is red, 10% is rosé and the rest is white. The estate is in Roquebrune-sur-Argens (in the vicinity of Saint Raphaël) with a view of the massive and impressive red-brownish cliff of Roquebrune. Christine immediately felt at home here. “I have lived for 16 years in Colorado and Roquebrune reminds me of Rocky Mountains,” she says.

Read Britt’s full article on Forbes: Château De Palayson: American Couple Making Superb Red Wines In Provence.

Chateau de Palayson wines

Chateau de Palayson wines, copyright BKWine Photography

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