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Swedish. Per is co-founder together with his wife Britt of BKWine. Rumour has it that his interest in wine started already when he was 11. Just like Britt he visits some 200 wineries each year on wine tours and for journalistic research. He writes about wine primarily online on BKWine Magazine and in the BKWine Brief. Per is also a professional photographer, specialising in wine and travel photography. See BKWine Photography for more on this. Since a few years back he has also branched out into video production on the same subject. He has contributed all images, and some text, to BKWine’s wine books.
Yamaguchi Sake, Breweries, Culture and Terroir, by Jim Rion

Discovering Yamaguchi Sake | Book Review

Jim Rion is a certified kikisake-shi (sommelier of sake) and has lived in Yamaguchi Prefecture (Japan) since 2004. He started writing about sake during the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. He decided to document the

Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson, BKWine

BKWine Brief nr 234, February 2023

— Time flies. Where does it go? — This is a short Brief. There’s a reason for that. This very day, we also have a deadline for the manuscript for our new book, so we

Britt Karlsson and Per Karlsson, BKWine

BKWine Brief nr 229, September 2022

— What kind of wine taster are you? — Wine is basically a luxury product. It’s not vital. In the past it was probably more vital, when the water that was available was not always

Vin på hyllorna i Sveriges mest välsorterade Systembolagsbutik

Are Swedish consumers conservative or adventurous?

Wine Intelligence, an English market research company, recently published its annual report on the Swedish wine market. (BKWine was among those interviewed for input.) Swedish wine consumers have, the report writes, a good brand awareness

Wine exports as percentage of total exports, by country, 2020

How important is wine to the country economy?

Wine exports compared to GDP and to total exports There is no easy answer to how “important” wine is to a country’s economy. It depends what you mean by “important”. You can, for example, look

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