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This is a short Brief. There’s a reason for that. This very day, we also have a deadline for the manuscript for our new book, so we have been a little bit busy. Our twelfth wine book.

It is a book about sustainability in the wine business. We try and explain what it is and all the things wine producers do to work towards sustainability. It also covers organic wines, natural wines and biodynamics. In a way it is a follow-up to our book from 2012 on similar subjects, but it is mostly entirely new texts and it covers much more. We like to imagine that our 2012 book was a bit of a pioneering book. It was almost too early. Organics was just gaining momentum and sustainability had hardly started (although we covered it in a short chapter).

But today sustainability is literally on everyone’s agenda, so we have perhaps better timing with this book.

Since the New Year we have also manage to run our wine tour of Argentina and Chile as well as the one in South Africa. It’s for the first time in three years, so it was great to be back to these fantastic wine countries.

So you can perhaps understand that we have been a bit busy, and we’re unfortunately offering you less content than usual in this Brief.

But we’ve collected plenty of information and inspiration on our tours, as well as in the preparation of the book, so you have things to look forward to.

Wine travel in harvest time

You can already start planning for wine tours next harvest season:

  • Champagne, September 27 – October 1
  • Champagne and Bordeaux, September 27 – October 5
  • Bordeaux, October 1-5

Travel in winter (but summer)

Some of our most exceptional wine tours are during the winter. They are filled with very special experiences. In summer weather in the southern hemisphere!

You have three fantastic long-distance tours to choose from:

  • Chile-Argentina in January 2024
  • South Africa in February 2024
  • New Zealand in March 2024

These are tours with unique and magnificent experiences.

More info on our wine tours here. “World’s Top Wine Tours“. Tours with the people who know wine and who have an unrivalled experience of wine and tours.

Enjoy the Brief!

Britt & Per

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We also make custom designed wine tours.

We’re different than most other wine tour operators. We are people who know wine inside out, who travel constantly in wine regions, who write award winning books about wine. Who do this out of passion. Our tours are different from others. More in wine tours: BKWineTours.com.

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Flying over the Alps mountains a sunny day
Flying over the Alps mountains a sunny day, copyright BKWine Photography

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