“A really wonderful book about wine”, “the best in several years!” – review of our book “The wonderful world of wine”

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You can probably not be happier with a review than we are with this one. Per Björgell has reviewed “The wonderful world of wine” (“Vinets underbara värld” in the original language”) on BTJ (formerly Bibliotekstjänst, Library Service). It is our latest book that is an introduction (quite a lot more than an introduction actually) to everything about wine. Or if you like, a wine course book for those who really want to learn more about wine (WSET-style, sommelier course, or another similar wine course).

I cannot help but quote some sections from the review:

  • “This is a really wonderful book about wine. It is written with a focus on facts by famous authors, it feels complete, and it is modernly updated. “
  • “The Wonderful World of Wine is beautifully illustrated and begins as it should with ‘The grape, the raw material of the wine’, an excellent section with most grapes, their character and countries.”
  • “The book’s combination of grape information and wine countries together give a solid idea of the contents of the wine bottles.”
  • “It’s a exceptionally well made book, the best in several years!”
  • Overall rating: 5, i.e. “brilliant”

The review was published in BTJ’s book reviews, reader Per Björgell, BTJ issue no. 7, 2022.

Framsida: Vinets underbara värld
Framsida: “Vinets underbara värld, från druva till bord; vinodling, vinländer, vinprovning, vin & mat”, av Britt och Per Karlsson (The Wonderful World of Wine, from grape to the table; wine growing, wine countries, wine tasting, wine & food pairing, by Britt & Per Karlsson)

BTJ (formerly Bibliotekstjänst, Library Service) is a Swedish company that delivers media products and information services to professional users, primarily knowledge and research activities such as libraries, universities, companies and organizations (quote from Wikipedia).

It is thus a highly qualified assessments intended for professional users, but of course equally valid for everyone else. The fact that such a demanding reader says that our “Wonderful World of Wine” is “the best in several years” really warms the heart and contributes a lot to our motivation for future projects.

Thank you Per Björgell and BTJ.

On the image below: one of the authors walking in a vineyard in Roussillon together with a winemaker.

Taking a walk in the vineyard in Vallee de l'Agly, Roussillon
Taking a walk in the vineyard in Vallee de l'Agly, Roussillon, copyright BKWine Photography

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