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Sulphur pellet to clean barrels

The burning issue again: sulphur

In our March Brief we wrote that the habit of burning sulphur inside oak barrels to disinfect them is in danger of being banned. Because sulphur tablets are classified as biocides you need an authorization to be allowed to sell them. And this authorization is expensive. Now things look a bit brighter, according to La […]

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Making wine in amphorae? Yes, definitely!

The amphora is back. The ancient way of making and storing wine in clay amphora, like the Greeks and the Romans did, is high fashion today. Although the number of amphorae users is quite low they are very much talked about and as they often belong to the natural wine movement they have received a […]

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A modern wine filter

Filtration of wine, a short introduction

Almost all wines (counted in volume) are filtered in one way or another. There are a few wine producers who do not filter their wines. There are also wine enthusiasts who are convinced that unfiltered wines are better. that may be a very questionable truth. It probably depends very much on the wine and the […]

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Wine Genesis – book review

Wine Genesis / Wein Genesis By: Peter Oberleithner (design and photo), Karl Mayer (text) Kulinarium Verlag e.U. A massive and heavy book with lots of photos on vines and wine cellar equipment – that is, in short, what this book is. It is above all a picture book with illustrations from vineyards and wineries, […]

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Wine Production – Vine to Bottle

Wine Production – Vine to Bottle By: Keith Grainger and Hazel Tattersall Blackwell Publishing The book is part of what is called “Food industry briefing series” and that is well reflected in its presentation. It is short, and not particularly “consumer” oriented. The book covers the topics, just like the title indicates, from the vine […]

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Make your own Bordeaux – live your dream?

CrushPad started a few years ago in California. It’s a (relatively) inexpensive way to make your own wine. They collaborate with wine producers and as a member / customer you get the possibility to (almost) make your own wine. Grapes are supplied by selected vineyard partners and you get expert advice and assistance to make […]

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