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Rare Malts, Facts, Figures and Taste
By Ulf Buxrud
Quiller Publishing

Initially, I was a bit hesitant. Is it more of a promotional book? – All whiskeys come from the same company, Diageo and their “Rare Malts Selection”. Then I said to myself, if you can write a book about, say, Château Margaux, why not about an outstanding whiskey producer? So, shedding my hesitation, the book is a fascinating read: a long list of whisky distilleries are described and their whiskies tasted and commented. Some of the distilleries no longer exist so to book is also in sorts an historical account. All written by Ulf Buxrud who is an exceptional whisky enthusiast. The illustrations are perhaps not always up to par, and I’d h appily remove some of the pictures of bottles and bottle boxes and have space for some more illustrations of the places and environments, but I might be nitpicking. To read and to savour for the dedicated whisky lover.


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