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What is quality wine?

Sometimes one wonders what this concept ”quality wine” means. Take the fact that half of all French wine is classified as “quality wine” (as noted elsewhere in the Brief). Formally this is defined by the EU with the concept VQPRD (vin de qualité produit dans une région délimité – quality wine produced in a specified […]

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More champagne!

Yes, another note on champagne, one on more champagne. The production in the Champagne region has shot up substantially over the last 50 years or so. Here are some numbers (source: CIVC/the Drinks Business): Total shipments: In 1950 shipments reached 33 million bottles. 2008 the number was almost ten times as much: 322 million. Shipments […]

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New Zealand wine producers regroup to raise prices

A new grouping of New Zealand wine producers has been created to promote quality wines from the island country. It is called The Specialist Winegrowers of New Zealand (TSWNZ!). In the first instance they focus on promoting the best varietal wines, that they see as the strength of NZ but also grape blends are admitted […]

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Expensive wine tastes better conclude scientists

Sounds perhaps self evident to you and me. A scientific study at the California Institute of Technology designed an experiment where the same wine was served to a tasting panel and sometimes they were told it was cheap and sometimes that it was an expensive wine. The same wine was considered much better when the […]

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