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Germany’s most popular white grapes

Here is the list of the most popular white wine grape varieties in Germany, counted in volume: – Muller thurgau, 14% – Riesling, 13% – Gruner veltliner, 7% – Chardonnay, 5% – Pinot gris (rulander), 4% – Silvaner, 4% – Other, 53% White wine still dominates production but merlot is actually the second most used […]

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Harvested white grapes

Most planted grape varieties in Austria

According to Austrian Wines / Statistik Austria, Vineyard Survey 2009 these are the most planted grape varieties in Austria. Whites first: Grüner Veltliner 29% (+) Welschriesling 8% (-) Müller Thurgau 5% (-) Weißburgunder 4% (?) Riesling 4% (=) Chardonnay 3% (?) Sauvignon Blanc 2% (++) Gemischter Satz 2% (-) Neuburger 1% (-) Muskateller 1% (++) […]

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The world’s best gamay

Gamay is the latest grape variety to get its own ”world’s best” competition. The ”Concours International du Gamay” (the gamay world championship) will take place on January 15, 2011 in Lyons. Unsurprisingly it is organised by Inter Beaujolais, the Beaujolais growers’ association. We hope that it can be a tool to spread the word that […]

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The Great Grenache Day: September 24

September 24 has been named as the First Annual International Grenache Day (FAIGD?). It has been created to celebrate “the great grenache grape”, indeed one of the great grapes of the south and not very well-known by the general public. There will be promotions, events, tastings etc on the day. Why not organise a grenache […]

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Can you count to Châteauneuf-du-Pape?

Châteauneuf-du-Pape has over the last decade or two seen a tremendous development both in terms of popularity and more importantly in terms of quality of the wines (hopefully the two aspects are linked). It has also been named “Wine Village of the Year” by the Swedish wine tasting club Munskänkarna (with 20,000 members!). Some of […]

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Malbec consumption up 60%

According to statistics from Nielsen in the USA sales of malbec wines (made from the grape variety malbec) have increased with 60% over the last year (Jan 09 to Jan 10). The stats show that it is the grape variety that has grown the most over the period. However, it is still far from being […]

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Promote local grape varieties (1)! Autochtona 2010

As in most old wine producing countries there is in Italy a wealth of grape traditional varieties. Unfortunately they are often overshadowed by the “international” or even Italian grape varieties that have reach international fame (say, sangiovese or nebbiolo). In October there will be a wine fair only for these lesser known grape varieties: Autochtona […]

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South Africa, part 4: Pinotage

So, what’s the status of pinotage, South Africa’s very own grape? It’s a cross between pinot noire and cinsault, made some hundred years ago. These days it covers only 5% of the total vineyard area, a slight increase since 1998. The winemakers seem to agree. It is a difficult grape variety! Wynand Grobler at Rickety […]

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South Africa, part 3: Sauvignon blanc

Chenin blanc is not the only white grape that gives good results in South Africa. A short drive south from Cape Town you arrive in the Constantia district. Here it is sauvignon blanc (pronounced [blanK] with a hard at the end) that is the big white grape variety. “We’re just five kilometres from the sea”, […]

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South Africa, part 2: Chenin blanc

South Africa makes a lot of white wines. It is traditionally a big brandy producer (more about that at another occasion), so white varieties have always been widely planted. The premier brandy grape is the chenin blanc, previously called steen here in SA. “Chenin blanc is easy to grow in South Africa”, explains Teddy Hall […]

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South Africa, part 1: Not just football

There’s a lot of talk about South Africa these days (but less and less in some countries perhaps…) with the World Cup in full spin. But disregarding if we’re watching football or not, South African wines are becoming more and more popular. In Sweden, for example, it is the biggest supplier of wines to the […]

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World’s first malbec competition

It’s very popular with varietal wine competitions so for the first time in world history (!) there was recently an International Malbec Competition. Malbec perhaps not the world’s most wide-spread variety but you can find it in several different countries. These are the plantings: – Argentina 24,310 ha – France 6,630 ha – Chile 1,020 […]

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Australian albarino turns out to be savagnin

Some wine producers in Australia have turned out some very decent wines from albariño grapes (some 150 ha planted). Albarino is a grape variety well known from e.g. northern Portugal. At least, so they thought. Two French researchers, Jean-Michel Boursiquot and Laurent Audeguin at the Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin, have made […]

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Albariño comes to France

The albariño grape variety is best known from Spain and Portugal (alvarinho) where it produces refreshing wines with a citrus tang. But it is not allowed in France. This is about to change. Earlier this month the new list of permitted grape varieties was published and albariño is on it, one of the surprise newcomers. […]

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Syrah – a French grape variety

At the Syrah Symposium in May 2008 grape researchers established that the syrah variety is not originating from Greece, the Middle East or any other distant country. it is simply a genuinely French crossing. The two parents are mondeuse blanche from Savoie and dureza from the Ardèche. It is believed that the crossing took place […]

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Bordeaux chardonnay?

Can we look forward to soon seeing a Bordeaux chardonnay? Perhaps. The producer organisations for AC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur has requested permission from the INAO to plant experimental vineyards with e.g. chardonnay, chenin blanc, syrah and marselan, grape varieties that today are not allowed. The suggestion is that they would in the future be […]

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South African grapes

The most grown grape varieties in south Africa (source: WOSA): 1. Chenin blanc, 19 % 2. Cabernet sauvignon, 13 % 3. Colombard, 12 % 4. Shiraz, 10 % 5. Chardonnay, 9% 6. Sauvignon blanc, 8 % 7. Merlot, 7 % 8. Pinotage, 6 % 9. Cinsault, 2 % 10. Ruby cabernet, 2 %

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Book review: Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course

Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course By: Andrew Jefford Photo: William Lingwood & Alan Williams, et al Ryland, Peters & Small, £19.99, ISBN 978-1845977238 This is an introduction to wine and wine tasting. Andrew Jefford accompanies the reader through a series of “projects” where each is focused on learning something about wine. You can start with Project […]

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