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Vineyards in the Douro Valley, Portugal

Christmas gift tip 2: An unforgettable wine tour

A wine tour is so much more than a “regular” tour or a normal holiday. A wine tour with BKWine is a unique experience where you get to meet the people behind the wine, enjoy the beautiful nature and of course also savour many good wines and top-quality food. It is a gift that will […]

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Britt & Per Karlsson's 9+1 books

Christmas gift tip 1: Make someone happy with a wine book

A bottle of wine is never wrong, but a book about wine may be longer lasting. We have written ten wine books, about Languedoc-Roussillon, Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, Piedmont, Burgundy, all of France, how to grow vines and make wine (not a do-it-yourself but a book that explains the technicalities of what winemakers do). But we […]

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Live oysters can be found all over Paris around Christmas and New Year

French food for Christmas and New Year | Per on Forbes

Many countries have special food traditions for Christmas. In Sweden, as an example, you have the “julbord”, with a specially prepared ham, special herring, special cabbage, and many other things. In France, curiously, they don’t really have much special food for Christmas and New Year. Instead they just eat more and better of what one […]

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Christmas Wines: Elegant wines from Chile and Argentina

Initially Chile and Argentina profiled themselves as suppliers of powerful, easy drinking wines with a certain lack of elegance and sophistication. And it was a style that was very successful. But a lot has happened in recent years, at least when it comes to the more ambitious producers. I recently tasted some wines from these […]

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Wine Christmas gift tips

Maybe you want to find a good wine to offer as a Christmas gift. Or you just want a good wine with your Christmas meal. Here are some suggestions that we recently tasted. Barolo Albe, G.D. Vajra ,Piemonte, Italy, approx 20 euro. Brilliant Barolo with a good balance, aromas of red berries and plums and […]

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A Christmas gift recommendation: a good wine book

No Christmas is complete without a good book coming from Santa Claus. With environmental issues becoming more and more important perhaps a good book about wine and the environment should be on the wish list? Then we have just the thing for your. Earlier this autumn we had the pleasure of seeing a first of […]

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Christmas gift tip

The top-of-the list Christmas gift for a wine lover must be, we hope, a trip to one of the world’s wine regions. The gift can of course be to yourself, or to someone you know. What better way can there be to enjoy excellent wines and delicious food (with a no-Christmas-party guarantee!)? We can of […]

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Christmas Quiz

If you didn’t do it over Christmas, here it is again! We have created a small competition for the holidays. Christmas Quiz – guess the French appellation! Test yourself or your loved ones. See at which score you can guess the French appellation (AOC)! If you guess right on 5p you get, well, five points, […]

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Red cars in a parking lot

Buon natale! Italian Christmas

How is an Italian Christmas and an Italian Christmas dinner? Italy is a strange country, difficult to understand. Even for the Italians themselves. There is chaos in politics and in the traffic, but when it comes to food and drink you have to follow the rules. Otherwise you will be stared at or laughed at, […]

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15th century warrior Skanderburg Skanderbeg

Christmas gift tip for the champagne fanatic: The Champagne Warrior

Slightly more affordable than Pieper-Heidsieck (see other item in this Brief) is The Champagne Warrior. Brad Baker is the self-appointed champagne warrior. One has to conclude that he is a champagne fanatic, and he publishes a newsletter on champagne, called The Champagne Warrior. It contains articles, both short and long, on champagne related subjects as […]

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Wine gadgets for Christmas?

What about a pair of ear-rings in the shape of grape bunches? Or a cocktail table with legs made from old vines? Or a tshirt with the text “I’ll trade my husband for wine”? Or keeping to the more down to earth things, decanters, glasses and many other kind of (potential) gift items. Lots of […]

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Something ‘nouveau’ in the Muscat?

Since 2006 a Muscat de Noel (Christmas Muscat wine) is launched just in time to be enjoyed around the Christmas tables. From this year it will be a special designation available to wines within the AOC Muscat de Rivesaltes provided they comply with the requirements: being a primeur wine and bottled before December 1 following […]

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Christmas gift? USBWine – download wines over broadband

The latest innovation in wine e-commerce is called USBWine. It’s a small USB-key-like device that you plug into your computer. You then visit one of the participating wine web sites and you can directly download the wines through your USB tap. Several different Bordeaux and Burgundy wines are initially on offer. Too good to be […]

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