2006 Lenoble Premier Cru Blanc de Noirs Brut, Champagne | Ulf’s Wine of the Month

Summer is champagne season!

Lenoble Brut Premier Cru Champagne

Lenoble Brut Premier Cru Champagne, copyright Ulf Bengtsson

In the park, at 8.30 PM. It is a wonderful summer evening. With me I have what remains of yesterday’s champagne, a 2006 Lenoble Premier Cru Blanc de Noirs Brut. How nice it is with champagne in the summer!

Often it is rosé that people tout as the ultimate summer drink, but I have to strike a blow for champagne. Fresher, more exuberant, more summery. A better bet.

It is still quite warm. We are in the midst of a glorious heat-wave since a few days. Exuberant dogs run around in the park. Not a cloud in the sky. I’m in the middle of my vacation. There is no wind. Very quiet.

I sit down on the grass and look out over the field. Pours some champagne and try to understand what I have in the glass. And why it’s so good. A fresh, lovely, summery scent jumps at me. Some apples, a little liquorice. Old winter apples, modest acidity. Rather a massive, complex champagne with a lot of power and body. Almost on the verge of being a little naughty too. Although I opened it yesterday there is no sign that it would be tired today. On the contrary, it has become more developed. A fragrance you can sit and enjoy for hours.

The sun is setting over the rooftops and I put the bottle in the grass to take a sunset picture. Must remember to buy more bottles of this wine! There has been quite a lot of champagne lately, including both Vilmart and Bollinger. And it was close that a Clos des Goisses was popped. But its day will come. Summer is champagne season.

Tonight’s wonderful drink is a 2006, and it is very vivacious. Almost too much so. But so amazingly good! Buy a case and keep it two years or three. It will only get better. (~30-35 euro, 389 SEK in Sweden)

Ulf Bengtsson writes about wine under the pseudonym Red Scream on his blog Red Scream and Riesling, on wine, food, photography and other things that are important in life. Like detective novels, taking long walks in Stockholm and the occasional burst of exercise. He is also on Facebook.

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Lenoble Brut Premier Cru Champagne

Lenoble Brut Premier Cru Champagne, copyright Ulf Bengtsson

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