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Peter-Allan Finlayson of Crystallum

South Africa’s “hottest” cool region: with Crystallum’s winemaker Peter-Allan Finlayson

It’s quite possible to make exciting, interesting and characterful wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in South Africa! Everything depends on the temperature – and the winemaker of course (as well as a whole lot else). During a visit to Paul Cluver last spring I noticed an interesting map of temperature differences between the various […]

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Black Stallion Estate Winery Bucephalus

A leisurely afternoon with Californian Black Stallion Estate Winery and the winemaker Ralf Holdenried

Once again I get an opportunity to explore more interesting Californian wines, a that state I think is getting more and more interesting. At least from a wine perspective. I am about to taste some wines from the Black Stallion Estate Winery, together with the winemaker Ralf Holdenried, a relatively new brand on the US […]

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Weingut von Winning, Win Win, riesling

Do you need a reminder that German wines are delicious? Try von Winning.

Pfalz (Palatinate) is the second largest of Germany’s wine regions. Weingut von Winning is one of the better-known quality producers in Palatinate. Von Winning has a wide range of wines with everything from very affordable ones to exclusive rarities. When Andreas Hütwohl, winemaker at von Winning, came to Sweden he met with BKWine’s reporter Ulf […]

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The bottle cellar at Bodegas Roda in Rioja

From wood to fruit: Bodegas Roda show the New Rioja and contrasts with Ribera del Duero

Rioja is, perhaps with some competition, by far the quietest area of the blogosphere. Virtually nothing is written about Rioja, and not so much about Spanish wine, for that matter either. For a long time Rioja was the most un-trendy wine that you could drink. The wines were considered ladened down with stock conservative traditions […]

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Shoes and feet

10 champagne houses you should not miss

Among many champagnes we find gems that flash (ahem, ahem) To taste a hundred champagnes is a challenge. Even if you cut down the number to half or less, it is hard work. Especially when there is the all and sundry: from top quality cuvées to, well, pretty simple blends. We sent a scout to […]

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Rodney Strong vineyard on the label

Bottled Californian Sunshine: A Tasting of Wines from Rodney Strong and Foppiano

Rodney Strong started a career in winemaking in California after having retired from dancing at the Lido in Paris. The Foppiano family came to California during the gold rush but did not find any gold. Instead they bought some land and planted vines. Both are today successful Californian wineries. BKWine’s Ulf Bengtsson reports from a […]

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Jean-Hervé Chiquet, Champagne Jacquesson

Making the best blend every year: Jacquesson Champagnes

Jean-Hervé Chiquet talks about Jacquesson’s journey of liberating yourself from the non-vintage straight jacket in Champagne. Recently I was invited to a tasting with champagnes from Jacquesson Champagne. The tasting was organized by their Swedish importer Vinovum AB, and was held at Brasseri Bobonne, a modern French restaurant in Stockholm. Jean-Hervé Chiquet, co-owner and co-wine […]

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Gunter Kunstler of Weingut Kunstler

Gunter Künstler of Weingut Künstler shares his thoughts on wine

A German-Italian-Austrian winemaker in the Rheingau Weingut Künstler is a family wine estate dating back to 1648. With roots in the Czech Republic and Hungary they are today located in Hochheim in Rheingau in Germany. Gunter Künstler was recently in Stockholm for a magnificent tasting and review of their wines. Ulf Bengtsson reports for BKWine. […]

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Champagne is fun with Bruno Paillard

A series of champagnes from Bruno Paillard

Bruno Paillard was recently in Stockholm for a tasting of his champagnes, organised by the wine importer Tryffelsvinet. Exciting wines, some unusual ones, and some absolutely delicious. BKWine’s Ulf Bengtsson reports on the champagnes. The wine importer Tryffelsvinet (The Truffles Pig) invited us to a tasting of a range of champagnes from Bruno Paillard, led […]

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