The Wine Trials – A fearless Critic Book

The Wine Trials – A fearless Critic Book
By: Robin Goldstein
Fearless Critic Media

The sub-title of this American book is “Brown-bag blind tastings reveal the surprising wine values under $15”. The message in the book is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the wines you buy because if you tast them blind you will not think a more expensive wine is any better than a cheap wine. The author bases his views on a series of blind tastings (with bottles presented in brown paper bags, hence the title) that he has made all over the US, including both experienced wine tasters and “the man in the street”. Half of the book is dedicated to presenting 100 wines under $15 that beat the $50 to $150 wines in the blind tastings. Robin Goldstein means that it’s time to start trusting one’s own taste and not be more concerned with prestige or with what others think. Interesting in many ways even if some of his conclusions are odd. But yes, the basic message is right – trust your own taste and not someone else’s.


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