La Vigne Assassinée – l’Avenir du Vin

La Vigne Assassinée – l’Avenir du Vin
By: Christian R. Saint-Roche
ISBN 2-9525036-1-3

The title reads ”the assassinated vine” but it’s not a crime novel even if it is a thriller of sorts. How can the French wine industry get out of the current crisis? One of the questions Christian St-Roche raises is why in France it only negative aspects of wine that get voiced. What has happened with wine as a foodstuff, he asks. How can the anti-wine lobby have grown so strong? Why are the good-for-the-health aspects of wine never mentioned? Why have so many French people stopped drinking wine? (37% never drink wine and the proportion who drink wine with dinner has fallen dramatically.)

But he also writes about the importance of terroir wines, about the good and bad points of the appellation system, and about how one could make the young generation at least occasionally abandon McDonald’s and Coca-Cola and instead learn to enjoy the more slow-moving pleasures of drinking a good wine with a good dinner.

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