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An old vine with Cabernet Sauvignon in the Medoc, Bordeaux

Cabernet Sauvignon: The World’s Most Popular Grape Variety | Britt on Forbes

Cabernet Sauvignon is now the grape variety with the biggest acreage in the world Cabernet Sauvignon has long been responsible for some of the world’s most talked-about, appreciated and expensive wines. In Bordeaux, it is worshipped. In the 1990s, when California and other New World countries introduced Cabernet to wine drinkers around the world, the […]

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Vineyards in Condrieu, Rhone

The truth about the size of the French wine regions

Sometimes it is said that statistics is an effective way to hide the truth. But often it is very interesting and sometimes surprising. New statistics – very detailed – were recently published on the wine production in France in 2017. In total, France has 745,044 hectares of vineyards. Of this, 446,000 hectares are AOP vineyards […]

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Terraced vineyard. Priorato, Catalonia, Spain

Vineyard surface in the 18 EU wine countries

Of the 28 member states of the EU, 18 counts officially as wine countries. Wine is made also in Denmark, Sweden and Poland but you have to have more than 500 hectares planted to be included in the statistics. Vineyard area in hectares, total EU, 3 190 459 ha: Spain, 941 154 France, 802 896 […]

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Dramatically shrinking vineyards in Italy: down 50%

I came across some interesting statistics about Italy a while ago. It shows how the Italian vine acreage has decreased over the past 40 years. The decrease is dramatic. In 1970 there were 1.3 million hectares of vineyards in Italy. In 2010 the figure had dropped to 663,000, a reduction of over 600,000 hectares, ie […]

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Spain, biggest in the world. For vineyards

Wine countries outside of Europe are steadily increasing their surface under vines but it is still a European country that can boast the largest vineyard area in the world. It has long been Spain and it is still Spain with 950,541 hectares. That is 13.6% of the total global vineyard area. The largest region is […]

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OIV logo

State of the World wine production and grape growing 2014: France back on top for wine

The 2014 statistics on global wine production, wine consumption, vineyard surface area, world grape production, and world trade in wine France will be the world’s biggest wine producer in 2014. World vineyard surface is decreasing but grape production is going up. Europe’s production is in decline. World wine consumption is shifting from “old” countries to […]

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Evolution of global grape growing (vineyard) surface area

The first article in the series on global vineyard, grape growing, wine production, wine consumption, and wine trade statistics: “World statistics on acreage use for growing vines and producing grapes: The OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) produces some of the most fascinating and telling statistics there is about wine. They have just released […]

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From wine lake to wine desert? Will we have a wine penury? World wine production and consumption.

The world’s wine acreage is shrinking. Now we have only 7.5 million hectares of vineyards, with three ”old” wine countries in the top. Wine production, too, is shrinking, especially in 2012 when production decreased with 16 million hectolitres to 248 Mhl. And for production too it is a “old classic” that tops the league. (Do […]

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Champagne Benoit Marguet makes wine from organic grapes

Demand for organic wine continues to grow, as does production

We just received some new statistics on organic wines, the production and the consumer demand (than you Millesime Bio). Both organic wine production and the appetite from customers for organic wines continue to rise. Here are some numbers for France: Organic wine production: 61,055 hectares of organic vineyards in 2011, an increase with 21% on […]

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Sandy soil and old vines in a vineyard in Castile and Leon in Spain

Europe’s big wine countries are getting smaller

Since 2008, France, Italy and Spain have pulled up vineyards and this has resulted in a European vineyard decrease of 4%, according to La Vigne. A total of 160 550 hectares of wine-growing land have been pulled up which means the initial goal of 175 000 hectares was almost achieved. Most of the land was […]

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Pinot noir grapes in the vineyard in Alsace

World Wine Statistics 2010

Statistics and other numbers for the world of wine in 2010: the planted vineyard acreage, the wine production, wine consumption, wine exports and imports. (A summary of previously published stats. Source for all: OIV) World vineyard acreage in 2010 Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000 ha. The […]

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Guyot double pruned vines in the vineyard

World vineyard acreage: diminishing; top 12 countries

Global vineyard surface area shrunk in 2010 to 7.6 million hectares, loosing around 10,000ha. The “old world” is still very dominant although the “New World have increased in importance, gaining just over nine percentage points over the period. Here’s the split: Europe: 57% Asia: 22% Americas: 13% Africa: 5% Oceania: 2.7% The world wide vineyard […]

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