Wine writer seeks strength in wine

There has recently been a curious “debate” on one of the major Swedish wine blogs on what is “the strongest wine in the world”, naturally fermented, excluding fortified wines. It started some time back with the blogger / wine writer Mikael Molstad, who writes for one of Sweden’s biggest daily paper, Svenska Dagbladet. It began somewhere around 16% and with latest post he has reached 16.9%. Since we have recently been in Apulia in the South of Italy we could attest to that they have frequent examples of wines at 17% and 18%. One of our readers talks in a comment about a naturally fermented wine at 19.3%! Read the article we wrote about the alcohol contents in wine here on BKWine Magazine here: Seeking strength in wine?

We also discuss the perhaps more interesting question: Does the alcohol contents really matter? Should you care? Is it not more important to look at the balance in the wine? Read our article and give us your views in the comment.

Castel del Monte in Apulia

Castel del Monte in Apulia / Puglia, copyright BKWine Photography

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One Response to Wine writer seeks strength in wine

  1. Ole Udsen January 30, 2012 at 01:37 #

    Dear Per,

    For those who care to actually investigate rather than speculate, the 19.3 is readily verifiable at MilleUna. This is the level of their most recent Capitolo Laureto. However, I completely agree that the real issue is one of balance. In my humble experience, éven very high alcohol levels can be balanced out by the other components in wine, as exemplified by that very same wine.

    Best regards

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