Rioja allows villages and sub-regions on the label

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Traditionally, Rioja is simply Rioja. No vineyards or villages or the like on the label. But in the same way that Rioja wines are exciting and modern today, the rules also evolve.

A little while ago, it was allowed to put a vineyard name on the Rioja label.

Close on the heels of that decision, they have now approved putting villages and sub-regions on the label.

However, a producer may only use the village name where the winery itself is built. Thus, a producer cannot make different wines with different village names, even though he may have vineyards in different parts of Rioja.

In the usual way, 15% of the grapes may have a different origin, but only from neighbouring villages. It is also planned to rename Rioja Baja to Rioja Oriental.

An interesting development with village indications, albeit with some strange rules. It follows the tendency of more and more smaller producers to emerge, in addition to the large traditional “negociant” houses with well-known brands.

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Landscape with vineyards in Rioja
Landscape with vineyards in Rioja, copyright BKWine Photography

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